Quickies: Daddy's Little Princess

Dee seduces her father before church.

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My lone child was my beautiful daughter, Dee. It was not long after her eighteenth birthday that I finally noticed that she was voluptuous as well. As her father, I knew I shouldn't have been having these thoughts about my daughter, but I could hardly help it.

Her mother and my wife may have kept me happily married for twenty years however there were two major disappointments. First, she became unable to bear anymore children after she had Dee, not giving me what most men want, a son. I wasn't mad at her for this, I still loved her with all my heart and it wasn't her fault. It was just unfortunate for the both of us. The second problem is in the present, she has become overweight. We both have experienced weight gain in our older age with our metabolism slowing. But I have made the trips to the gym, kept up with my diet and stayed in shape. I don't just do it for myself; I do it for my wife. She hasn't done this for me, and so our sex life has drastically declined.

And so I had become sexually attracted to my daughter. She had long brown hair down to just below her mid-back. Dee had a tight but round and fleshy ass. Most importantly, she had a magnificent pair of large, succulent breasts, twice the size of her mother's. I have never been a breast man, till now. I was slowly becoming obsessed with my daughter's body. Dee was wearing skimpier and tighter fit clothes that left little to the imagination. She also had pierced her navel. But the icing on the cake was her scank tattoo. Well, at least that is what my wife calls tattoos on girl's lower backs, right above her ass crack. Dee had a scank tattoo and it was a cross! I looked at it every chance I got. I found it funny that the symbol of Christianity was pulling me closer to sin with visions of incest.

Another thing that I found more attractive in my daughter was that she was no prude. In fact, all evidence pointed to her being a full-time slut! My wife, however, was a prude. And she often lashed out at our daughter and her whorish behavior that we had heard of.

"She gets away with all this because you refuse to punish her!" my wife shouted at me. It was a Sunday, and my wife was yelling at me since our daughter was apparently hung over from partying last night. My wife was ready to go to church as we always did. But Dee had been missing more and more services lately. "Haven't you ever noticed how she never brings the same guy home? Our daughter is a whore! And it is all thanks to you!"

My wife slammed the front door and sped off to church in her car, alone. That hurt. My family was crumbling before my very eyes. I didn't know where or how to fix it. Was the main problem my marriage, our sex life, my wife's weight problem? Was it our daughter, Dee, who seemed to have a reputation for sleeping with her entire school? Or was the root of all our troubles me, who didn't do know how to stop the unraveling? But I felt that I couldn't reprimand my daughter. She was my little princess.


I looked up to the stairs and saw Dee standing at her doorway. To my surprise, she was awake and she was dressed. But my wife would beg to differ. My daughter was dressed in a black halter top and a black skirt that came up to her mid-thigh. Her pierced navel was on full display. She walked down the stairs with her black pumps hitting the steps.

"Yea Baby?" I said, watching her breasts bounce.

"Are we going to church?" she asked with a sad look.

"Your mother and I thought you weren't feeling well… She left already." I said with hope that Dee hadn't heard her mother's comments about her and me.

"I know… I heard." She said getting closer to me. I couldn't help but glance down at her cleavage when I got the chance.

"Baby… don't listen to her. She's just… well…" I didn't know what to say.

"A prude. That's what she is Daddy. She is a prude and a bitch!" she in a matter of fact tone.

"Dee, don't talk about your mother like that." I said, but my daughter was right.

"Why Dad? If she is going to speak her mind about what she feels to be true about me, then why can't I do the same?" she asked. I was at a loss. "And besides… Mom is right, I am a slut!" she put a special emphasis on the word 'slut.'

There was a sudden intense look in her eyes. My daughter was looking at me as if I was her prey! I backed up as she moved towards me. Her hands were on my chest before I could think. "Dee, what are you doing?"

"Does it bother you, Daddy, that your only child is a nasty slut?" Dee's touch felt electric. But I was scared. What was happening? Was she trying to seduce me? My own daughter? "Or does it get you hard?" she grabbed my now hard dick through my pants! "Looks like it doesn't bother you!"

"Dee, what are you doin…" I was cut off by my daughter pushing me backwards. I landed on the couch behind me in a sitting position.

"I'm a nasty slut, Daddy, a bad girl. And I need to be punished. Look Daddy, I'm not even wearing any panties." She dropped her skirt to her feet. I was astonished, she was telling the truth. And the neatly trimmed snatch hair above my little girl's cunt had me harder than I had ever been in my life in an instant. It was obvious now, my baby girl, my little princess was trying to seduce me, and she was doing a damn fine job of it! If I was going to stop her, it had to be soon.

Dee turned around and backed her ass up to within twelve inches of my face. "I'm a bad girl, Daddy. I need to be punished. I need to be spanked!" she bent over slightly and looked back at me, her father, with a devilish smile. I looked at the tattoo of the cross on her lower back. It seemed to call me to her behind.

"Dee… honey… we can't do this." I made a light plea.

"Feel my ass, Daddy, and then see how you feel… Come on… you know you want to… I've seen you look at me more and more. Mom has become a fat piece of shit! She can't please you like I can. I know you want me… I know you want to touch me… I know you want to fuck me! Here's your chance… Now put your hands on your slutty daughter's ass and spank me for being such a bad girl, a nasty slut!" her words possessed my hands as they went up to cup her ass cheeks. I couldn't believe I was about to grab my daughter's ass at her request! My fingertips and palms made contact and I squeezed.

"Oh Baby… you ass is perfect!" I started to massage her bare rump. I could see her pussy begin to drip fluids onto the floor below her. She was really wet!

"That's because I stay in shape unlike Mother! Now spank me for being such a bad girl!" she spurred me on.

Smack! "You are a bad girl!" I said with a satisfactory smile.

"Yesssss! Soooooo bad!" She moaned in approval.

Smack! Smack! "You're a naughty slut! Seducing your very own father!" Smack!

"Yesss I am a naughty slut! And I need to be fucked! Only my daddy's big cock can fill my need! Whip it out for your daughter! I'm gonna sit on it!" she commanded. I quickly obliged. My large dick sprang out from my pants. I couldn't wait to be inside my daughter! Screw the foreplay, we only wanted to fuck!

"Come on, Princess. Sit on your daddy's lap!" I grabbed her hips and she grasped my cock, aiming it at her forbidden passage. My cock head pressed against her cunt lips and sat all the way down onto her father's fuck-stick. I was all the way inside her before I could even fathom it. Her pussy was extremely tight! "Jesus!"

"Oh God, you're huge! I'm tighter than you thought I would be aren't I Daddy? Well, now you know the main reason I'm such a slut! It doesn't matter how many guys I've fucked, I'm still the tightest cunt in the county! Ugh! We better make this quick Daddy, if we're going to make it to church on time." she smiled at me and started to bounce.

"Oh Princess! You're so tight! Fuck me, Baby!" I could see her pussy muscles on my cock whenever she pulled up; she was clenching my shaft so taut.

"Like my pussy, don't you Daddy? It's better than Mom's isn't it? You'd much rather fuck me than Mommy wouldn't you? WOULDN'T YOU?" she demanded an answer.

"YESSSS! I WANT TO FUCK YOU FOREVER!" I grabbed her breasts through her top an squeezed them roughly. I was a man possessed, taken over by my daughter's hot body and filthy mouth.

"That's it, Daddy! Fuck your daughter's slutty pussy! Surrender to me! Give up! Give in to your daughter's hot body! Ah, ah, ah!" she moaned. My daughter was taking complete control.

"Yes Baby! I give! I GIVE! FUCK YOUR DADDY'S COCK!" I yelled and continued to drive up into her sopping wet cunt. "

"You cannot resist me, ever! My hair, my face, my cunt, my ass and my tits are better than Mommy's! Every inch of me is more attractive! And my prize is you, her husband and my daddy! Come on! Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER!" Dee began to cement our incestuous affair.

"Fuck Dee! Oh my princess! YOU FEEL SO GOOD!" I could hardly control to motion of my body or my thoughts.

"You belong to me now! I am your keeper, your mistress! Oooo… I love your big daddy-dick! Oh yea! Yea! Yea! Ughhhhh! Oh FUCK!" she came on my cock after redefining our father-daughter relationship. I don't know if it was her words or my large penis that made her cream, but I didn't really care. I was about to cum soon too.

"Dee, I'M GONNA CUM! GET OFF ME QUICK!" I didn't want to impregnate my daughter.

"Why do that, Daddy? No, I want you to cum inside me!" she commanded!

"But Baby… you're unprotected!" I pleaded.

"Exactly! I want to feel your sperm inside my womb. I want my daddy's seed to fertilize an egg within me and make me pregnant! And you will, Daddy! You will knock me up! You will do as your mistress commands!" she ordered. Dee looked back at me as though her mission was nearly complete.

"Oh Jesus! No!... I… I can't help it! I can't resist!" I gave in and prepared to launch my seed into the depths of her uterus.

"Yes, Daddy! You cannot resist me! It is futile. I will have your baby! I will give you a son, unlike that fat bitch you're married to! Now impregnate your daughter like the bad girl she is! I'm such a nasty slut! I LOVE IT!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My daughter wanted to have my son. She wanted me to make her pregnant. I quickly realized that this was what I wanted as well. And my daughter was right, I was her slave now, and her wish was my command. "Yes, Baby. Whatever you say."

"Yes, Mistress!" she corrected me.

"Yes, my mistress." I pounded up into her even more. The squishy sounds of our incestuous coupling filled the family room. My explosion was very near.

"Good job, Daddy. You please your mistress well. Now look at my cross. I want you staring right at it as you cum inside your daughter's cunt and impregnate her! Ooooo this is so wicked! Incest is definitely the best!"

I obeyed my daughter and looked at the cross tattoo above her ass. That was all it took. I came inside Dee like a canon, shooting jet after jet of my hot potent seed inside her womb. I spurted inside her for what seemed to be five minutes, the most intense orgasm of my life! And it was in my daughter's pussy!

Dee looked back at me with a devious smirk. Her mission was accomplished. The slut had turned her father over to the dark side by making him her personal fuck slave. She stood up; my cock plopped of her still clenching cunt. My cum ran out of her pussy down her legs and dripped to the floor. Dee put her skirt back on and spoke to me looking in my eyes while she cleaned up.

"I own you now, Dad. Your cock and cum belong to me. I won't allow you to fuck Mom anymore. I'm hotter than Mommy, so I deserve your big cock, not her. And you will make me pregnant. Now zip up! We've got to get to church. I'm gonna love being in the chapel with my daddy's sperm inside my womb! Mmmmmmm… so naughty!" she smiled at me one last time before walking over to the garage door, shaking her ass along the way.

I knew my life had changed. I knew that my daughter meant every word she had said before, during and after our fuck session. And this was how I would fix my family. I would be my slut daughter's sex slave, never fuck my wife again, and make my little princess pregnant…

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