"Mom" Helps Me Live My Fantasy

Serendipitous meeting leads to mother-daughter sex.

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"Ohhh... oh BABY, oh SWEETIE... YEESSSSSS... Oh, eat Mommy, eat Mommy's cunt..." She grabbed my hair and ground my face hard into her salt-and-pepper bush, this magnificent woman, 25 years older than me at 25, her pussy slick and hot with juices now coating my face. I fucked her with my erect tongue, brushing her clit and making her spasm under me. She answered with staccato gasps timed to each stroke.

I cupped my hands under her 50-year-old ass and ground my face into her like I wanted in, and she urged me on, now with coos and babytalk, now with the foulest commands. I rubbed her clit with my spread tongue like it was sandpaper, and slurped her lubrication out of her. I was possessed. The thought of eating out my own mother made me feral.

She finally let herself go -- my God, she rode her come wave better than any woman I'd ever fucked -- and her orgasm came crashing down on both of us. She yelped and "oh"ed and kept spurring me on. "OH. OH. MOMMY'S COMING, BABY..." As I finally removed my face I saw her yanking on her nipples, and she began to stomp her feet. She sprang up, still coming, and shoved me down on my back. I was surprised and delighted, but I must have momentarily looked horrified. Her eyes became slits and she said, "what did you DO to Mommy?" She flopped on top of me and tried to swallow my mouth; we began to grind our crotches together. She'd just come, and I was probably as wet as she was.

We were humping one another and making out hungrily. "I taste... Mommy's pussy... on your face... baby," she said as our tongues slurped and our lips sucked. I sighed, and shuddered. She moved down to my breast and engulfed it, it seemed like all of it, her tongue raking my nipple and sending electric shocks through me. Her hand had found my pussy and was whipping my clit. My hand found my other tit. She slid downward, tonguing my belly, then spread my legs (wider) forcibly, and got busy. I almost fainted on the spot. I was consumed, simply possessed by the idea of my own mother eating me out. Her grey-flecked hair shook and I entwined my fingers in it, kneading, sighing, "oh, MOM..."

After I'd come, harder than I ever have, I was sure of it, I felt like I was made of lead. But I rose with effort into a sitting position, and she sprung up too and stroked my face. So lovingly. I beamed and smiled. "You're something else," she said.

"That was amazing," I said dumbly. I mean, it was, but I think several dozen points of my IQ had just been fucked out of me.

Now my goddess padded into the bathroom to clean up. "Your name is Rachel, right?" she asked over the running faucet. I said yes. That deflated me a little, but only a little. I'd very uncharacteristically answered an ad on Craigslist from someone -- this awesome, hellacious, 50 year old bundle of sex, as it turned out -- offering to play Mommy to a young woman. I'd been conscious of every possible way our meeting could be unsafe -- we'd met in public two days ago, we met in public again today at Starbucks and had driven here together in my car -- and once I could finally relax and play I'd been treated to the most amazing roleplay ever. Her not being quite sure of my name was a little jarring.

"Is your last name Banks?" My brow furrowed and I frowned. There must be something with my name on it showing somewhere in my apartment. "That's right."

She said "huh!" in that way people do when they think something is kind of amusing. I went into the bathroom with her as she cleaned up, and said "why?"

She turned to me with a devilish smirk and said, "I know your mother, Wendy." My eyes got wide as saucers.

My roleplay mom explained that she'd known Wendy, my full time mom, for 20 years, I guess since we moved to the area. I wondered aloud why I'd never met her before, and she grinned wickedly, reminding me that we had, but it was when I was a little girl. She'd babysat for me, of all people, a few times when mom had doctor's appointments or other errands. I didn't remember her, even with that to prompt me. When I was eight we moved into a bigger house a few miles away and she and my mom had kept in touch.

I didn't really know what to make of any of this -- was it sexy or disturbing that I'd just had wild monkey sex with my old babysitter? -- but I didn't really have time to dwell on it. My roleplay mom was getting dressed when she said, "have you ever tried to have sex with your mom? I mean, for real?"

I know I probably turned beet red, and I was thinking that just 10 minutes ago I'd been in the throes of an orgasm the likes of which I'd never felt, and now she was going to ruin it all by getting all real life on me. Strange thought, yes, but if you've handled this same situation differently, I'd love to hear how.

She could see she'd upset me, and she knelt beside me (I was sitting on the -- closed -- toilet seat). She stroked my face again, and despite myself I looked longingly at her now bra-clad boobs. "Rachel, baby, it's nothing to be embarrassed about," she assured me. She smiled, and kept dressing. "Let's just say that the ad you responded to wasn't the first I'd placed. I've... done this before," she said coyly. "You would be AMAZED at how many women your age, younger, and even five, 10-some years older, have the kind of fantasies you do." I thought about that with a grumpy look on my face.

"That's why I LOVE doing this," she explained, trying to tame her JBF hair in the bathroom mirror. "I'm 50 years old. Everything you've heard about how hard it is for older women to get lucky is true." She flashed a wicked smile. "But tell women half your age you're willing to play Mommy..."

"So do you have any kids?" I asked. I was still stinging a little from the question about whether I'd ever had sex with my mom. Let's see her walk the walk.

She looked like she would burst. "I do have a daughter," she said, measuredly, though she was grinning ear to ear now. "She's older than you by about five years. When I'd watch you her dad was still around, so she'd stay with him. I don't think you've ever met her." I shook my head. Of course, I didn't remember meeting Tanya -- that was her name, my roleplay mom -- either.

She tilted her head toward the bathroom door, and we walked out and through my apartment, toward the door. "Ever do anything with her?" I asked.

She whirled around and looked me in the eye. "As a matter of fact," she said, smirking. "Yvonne was married for a few months," she explained, "and after it ended she decided she liked women. It was a little more involved than that, of course. To this day I don't know if her marriage ended because she decided she was gay or if she decided she was gay because her marriage didn't work out."

She grabbed my hands and we sat down together on my couch. "I don't know how long Craigslist has been around, but neither of us had certainly heard of it back then. And because my Yvonne was shy and couldn't make herself to go socialize with strangers, she was having a terrible time. We had frank talks about it, and finally, I offered to help her explore her new feelings in a safe way."

I think by then my mouth was open and I was breathing through it, but she was such a doll, she didn't say anything. "It started out sort of... clinical. This is how you should caress a woman. This is how you should kiss. This is what you should and shouldn't do to her breasts." Now I'm sure I was flushed and panting. "After a few hours, though, we realized we weren't having a dry how-to talk anymore." She winked at me.

Ok, let me try to explain this to you. Having sex with Tanya was unbelievably hot, because I was imagining the whole time she was my mother. I had never quite gotten around to imagining that SHE was having sex with her DAUGHTER. Like I said, hard to explain. But anyway, now I was imagining that, and I was shifting uncomfortably a little on the couch.

"Do you still..." I'm not sure I could have finished the thought using the English language, so I was grateful she replied right away.

"Yvonne lives out of state," she explained. "We do... VISIT one another." Another wink. Then she brightened. "She's coming to see me weekend after next, in fact."

Well, if possible I was leaving a scalding hot lovemaking session with this gorgeous creature even hornier than when I started, but it was time for me to get back to work. At the door we kissed tenderly, and promised to see one another again.

Cupping my face in her hands, she eyed me reassuringly. "I would never counsel someone to commit an infidelity, or do anything that would damage a family," she insisted. "But your dad's not around anymore and... I think you might be surprised... I think if you knew what turns your mother on, you might--" she stopped, obviously unsure of how or whether to say what she started to say. My eyes were like saucers again, so she retreated.

"You mother is a wonderful woman. She's very lucky to have a daughter like you." She gave my hand a quick kiss, smiled and was gone.

Tanya had given me a lot to think about. For a week I masturbated morning, night and sometimes noon thinking about her thrashing beneath me and urging me to make Mommy come. Or eating me out. Or... eating out her daughter, Yvonne. I pictured... me, I guess, only a little older. I imagined a sad, beautiful, bicurious woman with major inhibitions and no experience -- in other words, she LOOKED like me, and that was about it -- screwing her face up into a pained expression, clutching the sheets, consumed by how wrong it was to have her mother lapping at her cunt, but growling with newfound, forbidden lust.

And the bit about my mom. Hm. I saw my mom once during that week, the following Wednesday, fortunately briefly, and fortunately when I was preoccupied with thoughts other than my roleplay mom. When she told me excitedly she had a date on Saturday, I brightly told her that was great and made her promise to have a good time. I had done it: I had faced my mom without thinking about actually having sex with her. Despite Tanya's suggestion as she left my apartment, I was nowhere NEAR having the courage to, to use an unfortunate phrase, feel her out.

The end of Friday's workday was approaching when I heard from Tanya. Her plans for Saturday had changed and she wondered if she and I might spend some time together that evening. I was torn, just a little. Inviting a stranger for an hour's roleplay in the afternoon -- the thought still made me wet. I knew Tanya was incredibly skilled in bed, but with that "forbidden" aspect missing, would it be the same?

I said just a little, and I meant it; of course I agreed, since I didn't have any plans myself. We didn't have to meet in public this time, so I pulled up outside her apartment building around 9, as we had worked out.

Before I could ring Tanya's apartment to have her open the door for me I heard her voice on the intercom, in sort of a harsh whisper: "come on up!" And she buzzed me in, and I made my way to her fourth floor apartment. How sweet, she'd been looking out the window, waiting for me.

The door was slightly ajar as I approached, and before I could knock she slipped out and whispered "hi," giving me a peck on the lips. I must have given her a look that said "this is all very strange; let's go make out," because she grinned, embraced me properly, caressing my back and then ass, tongue-kissed me till my knees were weak, and said "come on in. But let's be quiet."

"Do you have a roommate?" I didn't whisper, though I was trying to work out to myself what we needed to be quiet about. She gestured for me to take my shoes off so I did, and we padded together down the hall. Now I could hear moaning. Very distinctly.

Turning her head to me, she raised her eyebrow conspiratorially and dropped to her knees and arms. I did the same, still puzzled. She went flush to the floor and peeked in the slightly open bedroom door, I looked over her, and...

I'm sure by now you've guessed what I saw, but believe me, it wasn't obvious. Two women were naked on the bed, facing one another, hands at each other's pussies, kissing hungrily and moaning and cooing together. The older one, with her back to me, drew the younger one's hand up from her slit to her mouth and sucked her fingers with a guttural moan. The younger woman's eyes narrowed and she sucked in breath -- and saw us, and I swear, she smirked.

I was shocked, and I hadn't even recognized my mom yet. The younger woman withdrew her hand and began caressing the older woman's back and shoulders and the older woman kissed and licked her neck. This was weird, but an incredible turn-on. I felt safe; if the younger woman knew we were here watching, I figured we weren't invading anybody's privacy.

The younger woman maneuvered the older one on top of her, still caressing, and they ground their mounds together, panting in each other's faces and whispering. The younger woman kneaded the older's ass and the older woman, eyes shut and mouth agape, turned her head towards us and cried out softly... and THAT was when I recognized my mom, and if Tanya hadn't gripped me just then, I might have bolted up and gasped.

The younger woman wriggled beneath my mother and guided her toward the headboard of the bed, sliding her face toward my mom's pussy. My mom gripped the headboard and rode her face as she lapped, the younger woman clutching my mom's ass like it would get away if she didn't.

"OH--" my mom cried. "Oh... RACHEL, baby..."

My heart was in my throat. I was stunned. I briefly thought I should foreclose any other possibilities and ask Tanya whether the younger woman, who by now I realized must be Yvonne, was named Rachel too, but from the wicked look on Tanya's face, that obviously wasn't it.

My mom was roleplaying having sex with her daughter. Me.

I came. Just a small one. I shuddered a little and flushed.

My mother rode Yvonne's face to a torrential orgasm, shouting my name and calling her babydoll. I was writhing next to poor Tanya, poised like a caged animal to spring once the door opened. She laid a hand on my shoulder and tried to pull me away. I looked at her like she was trying to take the last morsel of food from a starving woman, but I relented and padded with her down the hall again, all the while looking back and hearing my mother cry my name in the throes of orgasm.

Now she took both my shoulders and looked me square in the face. "I don't want you to be angry with me," she said quietly, but earnestly. I blinked. Did she think I was upset about something? "Your mother and I have been together a number of times. Your mother and Yvonne, not as much. But yes, they've been together before, and my understanding is that at least part of what they do together every time involves this kind of roleplay."

"This kind...?" I asked.

"With Yvonne pretending to be you," Tanya said, and I shuddered. I heard panting and the creaking of bedsprings from the other room that suggested there was a break in the action. Tanya heard it too, and said hurriedly, "when I found out last week how YOU felt, I had to arrange for you and her to be together. I'm so sorry if you think I'm manipulative. I just want to make you, and especially your mother, happy." She looked so concerned I was going to flip out, that I smiled reassuringly and kissed her. I didn't linger long; I had places to be.

As my mother, her face all urgency, positioned herself over me on the bed and took what I thought was way too long to mash her naked body into mine, my mind reeled with everything that had happened.

Lacking any etiquette books for something like this, Tanya had improvised, going into her guest bedroom alone to talk to Yvonne and my mom. Yvonne of course was in on what was going on. My mom sounded delighted and nervous to see Tanya.

There was conversation I couldn't make out, awkward silences I knew were filled by my mom, blushing furiously, trying to come to grips with what Tanya and Yvonne were telling her. After a few minutes, Tanya called me in. My heart nearly pounding its way out of my chest, I entered the bedroom.

My mother did look nervous and like she felt conspicuous, her arms folded over her breasts and her pussy covered by a bedsheet. But oh. Oh. I drank her in, my naked, beautiful mother, the woman I loved better than any other. She swallowed hard, probably seeing the look of wanton lust on my face.

It was Tanya who walked over to me and began to undress me, smoothing my hair and speaking reassuringly. I was completely compliant, letting her remove everything till I was standing naked in front of my mother. The room smelled deliciously of sex; my mother's sex. My heart continued to pound.

"Oh -- by the way, I'm Yvonne," Yvonne said, breaking the spell briefly. For an instant I was furious, but then my mom and I both laughed, and I was grateful for the break in the tension. Yvonne wasn't me but older -- she had longer, darker hair, a rounder face... but you know, with the lights off, I bet my mother could have imagined it was me. I shuddered at the thought.

Then my mother rose, showing herself to me naked for the first time, her pubic hair salt and peppery, too, her succulent breasts with nipples stiff with anticipation, and a look of wonder and love cut just a little bit with fear on her face. I responded by smiling and putting her at ease as we touched one another. She was breathing fast; I reached up and stroked her cheek, moved my face in to hers, and we kissed, my mother and I, slowly, lust simmering. Our lips engulfed one another's, our tongues played, and I melted.

I don't remember positioning myself on my back on the bed; just moments before I had the thought that maybe we should ask Yvonne and Tanya if they would please excuse us. But as my disconnected thoughts faded beneath the static hum of lust I was on my back, and my mother, naked, sweaty, smelling of sex and primal desire, was over me, descending toward me. I pulled her down and we devoured one another again, now writhing our naked bodies together, and I felt a love and completeness I never had.

My hands tried to touch her everywhere, everywhere at once, but my right hand liked the back of her head the best. It kneaded at her hair as we kissed, and the other clutched her ass cheek, and she ground into me, ground, ground, and my orgasm mounted.

"Rachel," she whispered, almost wistfully.

"Mom," I replied, breathless. "Oooohhh, MOM...."

I heard Tanya getting undressed, and was briefly unsure of how I felt about that, but gave in quickly, grinding myself up at my mother, who whispered her love and lust for me, her babydoll, and I vocalized my lust for my own mother, Mommy, Mom.... Yvonne sat on the bed next to us, feet on the floor, and I saw Tanya approach her daughter's crotch and though I couldn't see then, I knew she was lapping at her own daughter's pussy. Yvonne's head flew back and she cried out. My mother and I disengaged, shared a look of urgency, and then she was sliding down me, toward my sopping cunt, and the tidal wave of orgasm started to build, just with her moving down my body toward my pussy.

When I felt my mother's mouth over my labia I cried out in a way that startled Yvonne and probably Tanya, then Yvonne smiled at me and then her eyes rolled back in her head and mine rolled back in mine at the same time and my mother's tongue was sliding up and down over my clit and I came and came and came and I never came down.

Except I did, of course, panting, bathed in sweat, and my mother crawled back up toward me and I pulled her and we kissed again, my come making her taste like a debased whore, my mother-whore, I wanted to ravage her, consume her, eat her up. I said so, and she looked startled, then she growled, almost a challenge. Now Tanya was on the bed too and she and Yvonne were tangled in their own mother-daughter embrace, and I managed to roll us over and shove my mother onto her back beneath me. "Rachel," she whimpered. "Oh, darling Rachel..." I licked her breast, I thought I could lick and suck and suckle her breast forever, but I couldn't, because I was petting my mother's wet, wet pussy and I needed to be down there.

Yvonne and I moved almost as mirror images down our mothers, and they both shuddered and writhed, and I saw her flawless face and saw my desire reflected perfectly on hers and I broke briefly from my mission to kiss her. I tasted like my pussy lube and she tasted like hers, and we growled as we kissed, then we parted and our faces each found our mother's pussies and we lapped, we sucked, we slurped and we loved. I managed to look up and I saw my mother kissing Tanya and I almost came again.

Then my mother's hands were on the back of my head urging me deeper, deeper and she started to come and I felt such love. I rubbed all of my face in her pussy juices and lavished love on her and she came for me, crying out my name and not playing this time.

I was spent, briefly, and drew myself up to my mom's face and we saw Tanya, her own orgasm close, close, and she was riding it so well like she'd done with me. She was urging her daughter on, and Yvonne was so skillfully, so lovingly eating her mother out. My mother and I kissed and little whine/groans came out of both our noses and then we broke and watched as Tanya came.

My mother and Tanya decided to love one another for a while, and I watched in rapt attention as they kissed and cooed and touched each other skillfully, knowingly. Two participants in my basest mother-fantasies together; I could barely stand it. Finally I turned my attention to Yvonne, who'd been waiting patiently for me, and she and I made love, too. I made Yvonne come and she said she loved me and I loved her, too.

So much of the next couple hours is a blur. Tanya had a strap on and Yvonne fucked her with it; my mom and I watched and played with one another and kissed and I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her like that and she came! Just from me saying that. Then I did, I fucked her with long, slow strokes, and our lips and tits were mashed together and we fucked like that for what seemed like a long time. Then Tanya fucked her daughter in the ass while Yvonne ate out my mother, and I had a small orgasm just looking at that. No one fucked me but I didn't mind.

At one point my mother and I were in a languid 69, licking each other's slick cunts, and Tanya and her daughter were entwined and kissing and I sighed, so happy. At another point I was urgently eating Tanya out to a generous-sized orgasm while my mother slid her finger in and out of my ass. When Tanya came I whirled around and violently embraced my mother and our mouths were devouring one another's and we would have fallen in a tangle off the bed but Yvonne steadied us as her mother spooned her from behind and nibbled on her ear. I don't know what Yvonne and Tanya did for the next 10 minutes but I know my mother and I each came hard in each other's arms, croaking our awful, terrible, beautiful incestuous lust for one another.

It was late and time to leave Tanya and Yvonne and we thanked them, I thanked Tanya so much and told her I loved her and she seemed happy that I was happy. My mom had driven too but I drove her home and we left her car there and we made love some more and fell asleep together and got her car in the morning.

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