Taking My Daughter in the Car

Daddy and Daughter explore one another in the car ride home.

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It all started last week when I was driving my daughter home from cheerleading practice. It had already gotten dark by the time practice had finished and after waiting outside the school, my little girl hopped in the passenger side of the truck and kissed my cheek.

"Hey Daddy, how's it going?" I told her about my day at the office and then asked her how practice went. "Ugghhh, stupid, but only one more month then I'm finished." Hard to believe, but she would be finishing her first year of community college and then moving away to attend the state university.

I really started to notice how attractive my daughter was becoming just a year earlier when she finished high school. Puberty had hit her pretty hard, her chest had already swollen to a D cup by the time she was 16 and the rest of her filled out and she became very curvy by the time she was 18. She had black hair, smooth skin, and bright blue eyes. She would lay outside on the back porch most Sunday afternoons in the Summer, soaking up the sun in her very small bikini.

I caught myself staring at her from the kitchen window almost every time. My mouth would begin to water and I could practically fell my body sending a concentration of blood down between my legs.

Cheerleading had helped her slim down to more modest proportions but last time I did laundry I noticed she was still a healthy C cup. Good genes I suppose, her mother had always been very attractive and for a man my age, I was still in great shape with broad shoulders, big arms and peppered hair.

We lived about twenty miles from the School and a lot of times my daughter would doze off on the way home. She worked so hard at cheerleading I'm sure it was quite difficult to stay awake after going to class for several hours followed by several more hours of intense exercise. When she said that she was tired and asked if she could lean on my shoulder, I didn't think much of it and just told her, "Sure".

She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit. She was lightly holding my hand and when she snuggled against me I began to smell her perfume, God it was such a turn on.

It didn't help that the way she was slouched over onto me pressed her very large breasts together, giving me a splendid view of my little girls large breasts. I found myself instinctively getting hard.

All of the sudden, my daughter placed her hand over mine. Again, not thinking much of it, I returned the affection and took her hand into mine and we clasped our fingers together so that we were holding hands.

Things began to happen fast after that...my well endowed daughter began to slowly move her hand against mine then moved our hands into her lap. At this point, I'm starting to sweat, I know where this is going and that I shouldn't be doing this but my daughter was SO sexy and these feeling that I had for her were so repressed...

Her eyes were still closed but she started moving my hand up her thighs to where I was just barely under her skirt. I couldn't stop. I slowly kept my hand moving up her thighs, feeling that smooth skin, noting how soft it was from the creamy lotion that she put on her legs after shaving them each day. I was surprised to discover that she had nothing on underneath her skirt, I noted as I reached her pelvic area.

It dawned on me that she had obviously been planning this. My feelings and lust got the better of me and I curiously rubbed her pussy lips with my middle finger wondering if I would get any reaction or if maybe I was crazy and she was just asleep.

My caresses caused her to stir and moan softly. I continued to rub until I found her spot.

"Mmmm Daddy" she started to breath. Trying to focus on the road, I licked my middle finger, tasted her juices, and then pushed my middle finger inside her. "Ohh Daddy" she was breathing heavier now. I realized that we would be home soon but that I couldn't let this end.

I finally pulled over just a few blocks from our house into one of the empty cul-de-sacs. I looked down and locked eyes with her for a split second before planting my lips onto hers. She opened my mouth with hers and we kissed like two horny teenagers for a couple of minutes. She found my dick with her free hand and started rubbing me through my jeans.

"Mmmm Daddy, is this for me?"

"Of course it is baby girl." I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I wrapped my arm around her tiny waist, and pulled her on top of me. She immediately started grinding into me and rocking my truck in the process.

"Daddy, Ohhhh fuck, DADDY!" My dick began to ache and needed release. I held her waist and guided her starving pussy down onto my pole.

"Yes Daddy, I want it so BAD!" She rode me like a teenage girl driven by pure lust. I growled into her ear and spanked her ass as she continued sliding up and down my cock.

I couldn't get over how wonderful she felt, her creamy teenage pussy taking every inch of me. It was like she couldn't get enough and only cared that her pussy was being fed the dick it so lustfully desired. It didn't take long for her to cum. She climbed off me and resumed curling up next to me and at least pretending to fall asleep. My head was still spinning.

Later that night, after her mother had fallen asleep, I was in my daughters room, pounding into her like a madman.

"God Daddy, you feel so fucking good, fuck me like this everyday!"

Her mother was a very heavy sleeper, especially after a few glasses of wine. I started to get close and asked her if she was on birth control, she practically gasped, "No Daddy!"

I told her I would buy her plan B in the morning but that I HAD to cum inside of her. I simply couldn't think of anything else. My daughter perspired underneath me. Both of our bodies completely naked unashamed of our incestuous relationship. We were simply two adults fucking our brains out. My little girls honeypot was as sweet as anything I could ever had imagined. I told her that her pussy "was made for me" and how it was going to get all of my attention every night from here on out.

She moaned "Yes, Daddy" in agreement.

I picked up my rhythm and started biting her ear lobe and kneading her exposed breasts. It got me so hot watching her tits bounce every time I thrusted into her. I whispered into her ear, "Your getting Daddy so hot baby, I going to cum in this tight wet pussy of yours."

"God yes Daddy, it belongs to you now, please please cum inside me, Daddy! I need it so bad Daddy, please please cum in me!"

I gripped her ass and pulled her hair while I came inside my own daughter's 19 year old pussy.

She continued to moan "Daddy, oh Fuck, Daddddyyyy" as I pumped my seed into her unprotected womb. We've had sex a few more times since then but my favorite is when we take little detours on the way to school in the mornings...

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