Lustful Revenge

Son gets revenge on spying mother.

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Tim had been screwing his elder sister Nicole for more than a month now. It started when Nicole visited her parents and brother during her summer holidays. She had planned to stay with them for her whole vacation. Last year Nicole had moved with her boyfriend to another city and was pursuing her studies there. She was twenty and was one year older to Tim. Tim had had a very stormy relationship with her sister during their childhood, always fighting and cursing each other.

But this year when she came home, she was altogether a different person. She appeared much matured and her manners were more feminine now. She was no more volatile and even with Tim she was very refined. Tim was surprised to see such a drastic change in his sister and he also reciprocated in a positive manner. First time in their life they looked like enjoying each other company.

One evening when their parents were visiting some friends, Tim and Nicole sat in the living room, watching TV and recalling the older days. Suddenly the topic changed to their sex life. After initial reluctance they slowly opened up. Nicole was more vocal about her relationships. She was separated with her previous boyfriend and for the time being she was living alone. Tim had been dating a girl but he was still a virgin. Nicole told him about her encounters with her friends, the city life, the gangbangs and many more things she had experienced during her stay at university. No one knew what happened actually, but one thing led to another and after a while fully naked Nicole was lying on the sofa and her equally naked brother was lying between her open thighs with his joystick completely embedded into his sister's shaved pussy. That night Tim lost his virginity to his sister.

From that moment they never missed any chance and had been fucking furiously at every opportunity for last one month. Every night when their parents, Dan and Jane, retired to their room, Tim would sneak into Nicole's room and they would enjoy the lustful incestuous relationship. Initially they were worried about getting caught, so they took every precaution. But later they became lax and as soon as their parents' room was closed, they would start hopping in the bed. Dan was no problem as most of the time he would be out of town on one or other official trip and Jane seemed to be interested in nothing at all.

So far every thing was going fine, but one day they had to pay for their carelessness. Just when, Tim, after emptying his balls into Nicole's pussy, was moving from her sister, the doors flung open and Jane was standing at doors shaking furiously. They tried to recover but it was too late. Jane was awfully mad with anger but she didn't know what to say to her now adult children. She asked them to put on their cloths immediately and told Tim to go to his room. Tim put his cloths back and meekly retired to his own room.

The very next day Nicole returned back to her university. Tim was furious. He was now deeply in love with her sister and her sudden departure has left him shattered. He was terribly missing the fun that he had had with Nicole; her creamy thighs, her gorgeous cunt lips and above all the fuck sessions both had enjoyed so immensely. In a short span of time Nicole had enlighten him about the various facets of carnal pleasure and together they had explored each of them. Be it licking, sucking, fucking, fisting, anal licking, anal fucking; Nicole had tried to educate her little brother in every possible way and her pupil had excelled in every field.

Though, he knew that it was their own fault that they were caught, but he put the blame squarely on Jane. He was infuriated with her mom for sneaking into their privacy. He was also worried about how Dan is going to react when he would learn about the incident. He was lucky that Dan was not in the town and would return only after about a week. Tim knew he had to do something before Dan's return. After deep thinking a solution finally came to his mind; if he could somehow manage to fuck his mother, she could then be forced to keep mum. The only problem was that how would he going to convince his mother for the fuck. Since the incident he had not even talked with Jane and both were maintaining a deliberate silence. Jane was a very religious lady and he was sure that she couldn't be persuaded.

Slowly the realization came to him. "I am gonna rape that old bitch." He murmured to himself.

Jane was forty. She had come from a very conservative family. She met with Dan when she was only eighteen and immediately fell in love with him. She was young, innocent and above all very beautiful. Dan also fell for her charm and they started dating. Three months later when she got pregnant they decided to marry. Dan had completed his graduation and was employed with a good job. When they married she was in second month of pregnancy. Nicole came after seven month of their marriage and Tim one year later.

Dan was very ambitious and hard working. He devoted most of his time to his carrier and over the year he rose to the position of vice-president of his company. Jane chosen to play a role of a devoted mother and a housewife. She kept herself busy with her kids while her husband was mostly away on one or other official trips. Their sex life was very straight; more like fill it, forget it and that too once in a while. Coming from a conservative family she didn't expect more. Dan was a good husband, a good father and a very caring person and Jane still loved him very much. But he was so busy with his professional life that he didn't have much time for his family. They had less and less sex now; she didn't even remember when Dan had fucked her last time.

But, now Jane was confused. The episode between her son and daughter that she witnessed through the opening of door they had forgotten to close, made her baffled. She was not able to explain why she waited for Tim and Nicole to conclude their activity. Why did she watch through the whole episode without interfering? Why there was a sense of some deep hidden excitement within her along with the feeling of shame, disgust, and anger when she watched her son fucking her own daughter? Why? She closed her eyes. But the images kept coming back to her; Tim's handsome face buried deep into her daughter's pussy, Tim's monster cock moving in and out of her cunt. She felt ashamed and tried to shift her mind elsewhere, but images remained there. She could not understand why it was happening to her. She had always been a faithful wife and a dedicated mother. After initial few years, sex never was a priority in their marriage. Then, why this was happening to her. She had no answer. She was developing new immodest feelings and that was troubling her.

Tim plan was ready and he was geared to act. Before his relationship with Nicole, he never had any erotic feeling towards his mother. Jane appeared too straight to be a good fuck. She was too passive to be able to arouse a nineteen-year-old guy. But now his perception had changed. His plump mother was still very attractive, though she didn't seem to be aware of her feminism. He lately tried to masturbate thinking about fucking her plump cunt and he came so hard that he himself was not able to believe that imagining his own mother in naked could give him such a hard on.

In the night mom and son took there dinner in the kitchen. Jane was still buried in her thoughts and was avoiding talking to her son. Once the dinner was finished Tim broke the silence.

"Mom, I've something to discuss with you. Can I come to your room?"

Jane looked at her son but didn't reply. Tim waited for a while and assumed her silence as acceptance.

"Ok, I'll come to you in a while?" He took dishes from the dining table, put them into sink and left for his room. Jane watched him going and got herself engaged with finishing her routine. Once her work was completed she also retired to her room.

Tim was waiting for Jane to return to her room and as soon as she closed her door, he was there. He knocked the door lightly.

"Mom, can I come in." Without waiting for reply he entered into room. Jane was sitting on her bed looking him questioningly.

"Mom, I have something very important to talk to you."

"I know what you want to talk about." Jane replied rudely. "And make sure I am going to tell everything to your father."

"No mom, you aren't." Tim's tone was nasty. " I want you to keep this secret with you. Bringing father into it is not going to revert anything. Nicole and I enjoyed fucking each other. You are no one to interfere with our personal life. We both are adult."

"Being adult doesn't mean that you are entitled to sleep with your own sister." She was aghast with the language he was using. " You can't stop me from telling the truth to your father."

"Yes, I am." He retorted. " I will make sure that you don't open your mouth when dad returns. If you don't agree to me, I am gonna fuck you like I fucked Nicole and that will keep you silent."

" How dare you..." She tried to stand in deep anger.

Tim suddenly grabbed her and pushed her violently to the bed. The next thing she realized that she was lying on the bed and Tim had climbed upon her and pinning her on the bed. She struggled to get free, but she was no match for a stud like his son. Tim had come prepared and after pinning her down, one by one he tied her both hands to the sidebars of the bed. Jane was tossing furiously without any success. After finishing with her hands he then tied her both legs also. Finishing his job he left her struggling and climbed down to the side of bed to watched his handiwork. Jane was lying on the bed in astride position with hands and legs tied to bed tightly. Failing to protect her, Jane was now crying and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes in shame.

"I am gonna fuck you mom." He laughed triumphantly. "I'll make a slut out of you before dad returns and then you won't be in a position to tell anything. You shouldn't have interfered with our personal life and today you are going to pay for it." His voice was suddenly harsh now. "Are you listening mom? Your son is going to put his cock into your old fucked up pussy and fuck your brains out."

Jane had never heard use of such a vulgar language even from her husband. They never used any profane words like cock, cunt during their lovemaking, even when they were young lovers. Now her son was talking in the filthiest of language. She felt helpless and started sobbing, but together with humiliation she also had an entirely new feeling of a concealed thrill. The filthy language used by her son didn't offend her much. His boorish words seemed to have ignited an unknown passion inside her. She felt guilty of her thoughts. Again, the images were back to haunt her. With closed eyes she saw Tim's thick cock moving in and out of a steaming pussy.

"I'm ready mom." She heard him saying and opened her eyes. Tim had already removed all of his clothes and was looking hungrily at her. He was still standing at the side of bed with his fingers gripping his solid manhood. Jane looked at his cock and a shiver went through her body. She tried to avoid seeing his cock but something inside resisted her from moving her head other way. She could not help looking at his massive cock and balls. Tim's prick was long and very thick, perhaps thicker than her husband, the mushroomed cock head very round and purple. Thick, curly hair was at the base of his erect prick, and his large balls were hanging below appeared to be full, delightfully full.

"You can't do this to me." She tried to regain her composure. She again felt ashamed of herself by allowing herself to be drawn into the beauty of her son's cock. "I am your mother, it's sin. Please don't do it." The words seemed coming from far. Her mind was on turmoil because of the continuous conflicting views generating in her mind. She again stole a good look at her son's cock that seemed to be growing every second.

"Don't preach me, you cunt." He snapped. "I only know that Nicole and I enjoyed fucking each other and you ruined our happiness. You'll have to pay for that. If I can fuck sis, surely I am going to enjoy fucking you also. So be a good cunt and let me fuck you."

He winked at her and suddenly grabbed her housecoat and pulled it ferociously. The thin material of cotton could not resist the force of Tim's pull and in a fraction the torn material was off her body leaving her only in white cotton bra and panty. Tim laughed loudly, his eyes savoring his beautiful plump mother's semi-naked beauty for the first time. Next he went for her bra and it also came off without offering any resistance. Once released from their confinement her big boobs jumped back to life. Jane was stunned. Her son was forcibly removing her clothes and she was lying helpless with her hands and feet tide firmly. Her moralist background was distressing her but simultaneously a part of her wanted him to continue. Tim had no time to study the conflict going on within his mother's mind. He was busy in pulling off Jane's panty. Her cotton panty offered some resistance but it was again no match for the brutal strength of the teenager. Slowly it gave away and the tattered panty came out off her thighs leaving her crotch shamelessly expose to the greedy eyes of her son.

With deep shame she closed her eyes again. First time in her life she was lying completely naked in front of a man who was not her husband. That the man now eyeing her was her own son made her more uncomfortable. But she also sensed that a hidden delight is suddenly overwhelming her and she was partly enjoying her ordeal. She knew that Tim was now gazing at her naked beauty, her big bouncing boobs, her plump thighs and her thick black bush covering her fat cunt lips. She didn't dare to open her eyes to see him.

Jane was right. Tim was lost in the splendor of her mother's naked charm. He had never thought that her plump mother could be so lusciously beautiful. True, she didn't have a vital statistics of a model, but the feminism, her naked gorgeousness was exuding was mind blowing. Her big creamy boobs were lying like two soft mounds of boundless pleasure. Her thick dark brown nipples were looking at him with mouthwatering sensuality. His eyes traveled to her crotch. Jane pussy was cover with jet-black soft fluffy bush making a perfect triangle below her navel and thighs. Her pubic hairs were long and curly clearly indicating that she wasn't concerned about trimming them. Naturally Dan didn't seem to be taking much interest in screwing his wife. Given that she was tied astride her fat cunt lips were partially open and her clitoris was protruding out of her cunt teasing him invitingly. Tim felt envious to his father for having in possession this gorgeous cunt for so many years. He felt elated that the same cunt was now under his control and soon his cock would also be exploring its delicious depths. Initial his plans were to pop in his cock down her cunt as soon as she was naked and fuck her maddeningly. But after viewing her mother's stunning cunt he decided against it. This was not a cunt to be ravaged selfishly; this cunt needed all the tender love and stimulation before any penetration.

Tim no longer could resist his temptation, he sat beside her mother and his hands slowly moved towards her thigh. Carefully he touched the fluffy mound between the thighs of her mother. An electric shock ran through Jane's body. It was a totally new experience, something like when Dan had touched her there for the first time. The guilt feeling in her wanted her to break the ropes and throw away the hand trespassing in her pleasure area. But the hidden desire was so overwhelming that her all resistance was broken. She felt that even after her the negative response of her conscious mind, her pussy had started wetting. She was afraid that Tim might also notice it.

Tim ran his finger along the length of her slit feeling the moist heat emanating from it. His probed her cunt lips and slowly inserted one finger into her mother's love canal.

"No! Please don't do it." Jane cried with embarrassment.

But, by then the entire finger was inside her. He moved his finger in and out of her pussy for a number of times and then he pulled it out and tasted the salty wetness with his tongue.

"Great!" He sighed licking his finger passionately.

Jane watched her son sucking his finger that was inside her pussy a moment ago. A fiery passion ran through her. Dan had never tasted her juice. They never had any sort of oral sex during their lovemaking. What her son did made her whimper but somehow she controlled her sob. A conflict was going into her mind. Her body seemed to enjoy her torment but the mind was still opposing, telling her what she is doing is an illegal behavior. She must ask her son to stop immediately.

Oblivious of her mother's predicament, Tim sat between her open legs and lowered his head to her crotch. Jane watched her son's head disappearing between her thighs and first time in her life she felt the touch of a probing tongue over her vagina. Tim ran her wet tongue along the length of her slit and then started exploring her exposed clitoris. He took her clitoris between his lips and tried to nibble on them. Jane's body was now completely out of control of her upright mind, the immense pleasure she was experiencing was driving her crazy.

Tim's head was now completely hidden into her pussy and his tongue was completely buried into her moist depth. He was fucking her cunt with his tongue. Jane's cunt has lost its all inhibitions and rewarded Tim's piercing tongue with her spending. Without any hesitation Tim continued to slurp her pussy juice. Jane knew her orgasm is approaching and any time she would explode. She again felt afraid that if she came in his mouth Tim would immediately know that his rape victim was enjoying her fix.

To her relief Tim suddenly withdrew his tongue form her cunt. During this entire session he had been playing with his cock and as a result pressure had developed in his balls. He wanted to put his cock into his mother's mouth, but he was not sure how would she going to react. His introduction to the world of carnal pleasure was new and his little exposure to women psyche prevented him from comprehending that his rape victim was no more a victim but a partially willing partner. He decided against putting his cock inside her mouth. He mounted over her stomach and stranded her body between his thighs. His cock was now in level with his mother's massive boobs. He started fucking her boobs furiously. His rod was so hot that Jane thought that her breast would burn because of the heat it was generating due to friction. Unable to control his impending blast Tim removed his cock from her breast and started beating his meat. Tim gripped his cock and began to pound it frantically. Jane stared with steamy eyes, watching his balls swing while he jacked on his prick. The head of his cock was swelling larger as he beat on it. With a hoarse howl Tim moved his cock forward, pointing it towards Jane's face. The head of his cock was a couple of inches away from her mouth.

Jane saw the inevitable. "No!" She cried disgustedly. But it was too late. The first shot of cum landed directly in her opened mouth that was opened to voice her reservation. Before she could react it was moving down her throat. Her initial thoughts were that she was going to vomit but nothing of that sort happened and slowly she gulped his son's cum down her throat. The hot taste of her son's cum coating her tongue sent a ripple of unknown ecstasy through Jane's body. It was such a strong ripple; her cunt seemed to explode with an impossible convulsion. Tim's cock continue to jerk and flying drops of subsequent cum drops drenched her face, covering her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, her hair, her neck and finally to her massive boobs. Finishing his job, the boy lifted the torn panty of her mother and cleaned her face and mouth with it. She felt somewhat relieved. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed with the intensity of her pleasure that she was trying to hide unsuccessfully.

Tim slide down his body between his mother's leg, his now limping cock resting against Jane's bushy nest. He looked at his mother's face. Her eyes were still closed and from her passive expressions he could not guess her actual reactions. Something inside was telling him that his mother was enjoying her rape, but he didn't know how to be sure of it.

Jane's head was resting on pillow, her long dark hair beautifully spreading about her face. Although she was on her back, her massive boobs were erect like a soft mount of supreme pleasure. Her dark nipples aimed at the ceiling, the dark circles at the base contrasting erotically with the creamy whiteness of her flesh. Keeping aside his thoughts, Tim cupped his mother's tits in his hands and squeezed them tightly. A sharp cry of pain escaped her mouth. Tim took one of the cumcoated nipples in his mouth and slowly nibbled on it. She could hear him gasping as he filled his mouth with her rigid nipple cover with his own cum, sucking as if he would like to take every inch of her shapely tit into his mouth. His tongue was burning her soft flesh as he licked with magnificent flicks.

Tim continued to explore passionately her boobs, alternating between each of them, chewing them, biting them, teasing with his teeth, every motion of his fluttering tongue sending waves of passion through her body. Slowly his tongue moved to her shaved armpit, he inhaled the musky aroma radiating from it and slowly flicked it making circular motion. It was again a new experience to Jane; she felt her cunt was overflowing with lust completely drenching her pubic hair from her rigorous spending. Tim tongue traveled downwards to her navel, licking her belly button for a moment. His head was again close to her bushy thatch. His tongue roamed through the moist bush savoring the taste of her sweet vaginal fluid. Finally his tongue strayed to her drenched opening and he was lapping at the sweet nectar seeping through its narrow aperture. Tim's maneuvers had already initiated a powerful orgasm through her loins, her cuntlips twitching involuntarily filling her sons hungry mouth with bounty of her syrupy juice. Tim continued lapping her cunt, relishing every drop of his mom's passion fluid. At last her vibrations subsided. Tim withdrew his face from her cunt. His lips and chin were completely soaked with her pussy juice that he was trying to slurp with his greedy tongue.

With delirious eyes Jane stole a glance at Tim's cock. It was again rock hard and was just hovering above her pussy lips. Deep inside she felt proud of her creation. The monster she created twenty years ago was now ready to penetrate its place of origin. Her moralistic mind again warned her of inevitable, she wanted to ask him to stop before it's to late, but her passion soaked body refused to listen to her mind. Her body, her soul wanted his son to continue with his exploits.

Tim's eyes were fevered with lust as he looked from his mother's tits to her plump stomach, her dimpled belly button and her fluffy triangle of soaking cunt hair. As her son looked over her body, Jane's hands tickled to caress his rigid organ, his sagging balls, to hear her son moan with pleasure. She felt helpless for not being able to feel his cock.

Tim took his cock into his hand and slowly guided it to her moist opening. She felt the inflated head of her son's cock nudging at her steamy opening. She felt his thick organ parting her moist lips and easing out slowly into her pleasure canal. Her pussy stretched about his hard cock. She felt her soft vaginal muscles engulfing his massive manhood and slowly his piercing monster was buried completely into her, his balls touching cheeks of her ass. Jane's cunt pulsated tightly about his hardness. Neither moved for a while.

Tim let his weight down onto her, his chest crushing her rounded, spongy tits. He drew his mother into his arms as his ass began to recoil, his cock fucking in and out of her dripping wet cunt. Jane could feel every thrust of his cock; feel the thump of balls against her hot ass cheeks. She wanted to grab her son's naked ass to pull him into her with all her might, wanted to close her flabby thighs about her son's hips, scissoring him so that his cock could explore the deepest of her pussy, but she couldn't. She cursed her predicament.

Tim face was buried into her smooth armpit and his eager tongue was lapping it fervently. His hot, erratic breathing was burning her flesh. Finally she lost her control and surrendered to the overwhelming lust. Her body was now totally free from the clutches of her mind. She moaned violently and lifted her ass to welcome his powerful thrusts and started writhing with pleasure to match his poundings. Tim immediately realized her reciprocation; he was now sure of his gut feeling, his mom was enjoying her rape. Sensing it, a blast of passion ran through his loins. It was no ordinary fuck, he was fucking his mom and she too was responding with great gusto. Passionately, he doubled the thrusting and his piston moved more fanatically in and out of her soft cylinder.

"Oh, Mom! Ooooohhh, Mom!" Tim was breathing heavily. He forced his hands down the grinding cheeks of her ass, clutching those naked mounds to lift her cunt closer to his cock. He began to stab up and down frantically, his cock fucking deep into her absorbing cunt, his balls beating upon her wriggling ass. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he fucked faster. Jane also kept her torso high, trying to accommodate his increased onslaught. Beads of sweat rolled down their body. Both were gasping for air. Jane could able to sense her impending orgasm, second in one day. Never before she had cum twice in a single fuck session, but never before she had been fucked like his son was fucking her now. Jane's pussy was sweltering the rigid flesh of her son's cock, the wetness clinging to him as she thrust her cunt wildly against him, her sobs of delight growing louder as they fucked.

With a loud grumble, Tim forced his cock deep into his mother's pussy. She felt the gargantuan throbbing of his son's cock and exquisite spurt of his love juice. She felt his flooding hot cum irrigating her desolate vaginal depths, triggering her own orgasm. She cried with pleasure as her pussy gripped his squirting cock, the involuntary contractions of her orgasm sucking his prick like a hot, hungry mouth, her insatiable cunt sucking his sweet nectar from his balls.

After emptying his balls, Tim slumped his exhausted body over her mother. Jane's dazed eyes were closed with the exertion and fulfillment. After a while, she felt Tim moving away from her body, his cock moving out of her cunt with a loud plop; but she didn't bother to look at him. She wasn't even aware when Tim untied her hands and legs. She was deeply engrossed in her thoughts. She was not confused now. The images were back again, Tim's cock moving in and out of a hairy pussy. She knew that the pussy in the images didn't belong to her daughter. It was her own pussy. She was always dreaming about it, she wanted it from the very beginning, from the day when he caught her son and daughter fucking each other. Perhaps she always wanted it throughout her life but her moralist upbringing had confused her vision and she could not interpret her true feelings. She felt glad that her son decided to rape her and in the process he brought out the true women hiding behind the facade of an ordinary housewife.

She opened her eyes and looked at her son lying beside her, his hands smoothly stroking her thighs, he was trying to read her expressions.

"Aren't you going to get up mom?" He asked mischievously grinning ear to ear.

"No son, mom is still hungry." Her hand moved down to his thigh and she took hold of his flaccid cock. "Can you make it ready again for you mummy."

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