Janet & Jeff's First Time

Janet & her son get together for the first time.

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Jeff called his Mom one afternoon and to see if she was going to be home for a while and told her that he wanted to talk to her. Janet told Jeff she would be home and to come on over. When Jeff get there, he gave his mom a hug, took her hand and led her to the couch and they sat down. Jeff said, "Mom, I have to get something off my chest, I am becoming obsessed with it and can't keep it to myself any longer."

Janet told Jeff to "go ahead and tell her, she was there to listen and help" Jeff said, "You will probably get angry and upset and tell me to leave?"

Janet told him, "even if it's something you are ashamed of, you can tell me" Jeff looked into his mom's eye's and told her "ok, here goes" Mom, I want to take you to bed and have sex with you, I want to eat your pussy and fuck you Mom!"

Janet, looking into Jeff's eye's told him, "that is nothing to be ashamed of, every son at one time or another wants to fuck their Mom, that is only natural." Jeff told his Mom that every time he fantasizes about fucking her or eating her pussy, that his cock gets so hard and he always jack's off. He knows that his Mom is the best fuck ever! Janet, still looking at Jeff, told him "we will never know unless we go to bed and have that sex, will we? At that, Janet took her son's hand, got up and led him to the bedroom and shut and locked the door behind them. Janet reached up and started unbuttoning Jeff's shirt, while Jeff just stood there, as if he couldn't believe it, his Mom got his shirt unbuttoned and shoved it off his arm's and let it fall to the floor, then reached for his belt buckle, stopped and ask Jeff if he was just going to stand there or was he going to undress her?

That seemed to bring Jeff out of the trance he was in and he reached to his Mom's t-shirt and started removing it, pulling it oh so slowly as her neared her bra, but pulled it up and over her head and let it drop on the floor. Jeff's cock was rock hard by now, but that never struck him, he knew that very soon, he was going to see his Mom naked, eat her pussy and fuck his Mom! Janet had unbuckled Jeff's pant's and was working them down and Jeff reached behind his Mom and started to unhook her bra, finally freeing the hook's, he pulled the strap's off her shoulder's and when he pulled his Mom's bra away, there in front of him was his Mom's, beautiful, mouth watering, bare 36c tit's with very hard nipples! Every time Janet moved, her tit's bobbled and jiggled.

Jeff was amazed at the beauty of them with their now hardening nipples. They were the most beautiful tit's Jeff had ever seen and there they were, right in front of him and they were everything that he had fantasized about! By now, his Mom had his pants and underwear off and Jeff was completely naked, yet he was unaware of it. His Mom stepped back, letting Jeff get a good look at her tit's and she started to take her pant's off, when Jeff hooked him thumb's in her pant's and pulled them down, taking his Mom's panty's down with them. Jeff was ecstatic, there, just inch's away from his face, was his Mom's pussy that he had fantasized about for so long. It looked so delicious, her black hair pussy in short, curly wisps and her cunt lips so sweet, already wet with her juices. Janet pulled Jeff up, reached down and wrapped her hand softly around Jeff's 8 inch cock and told him, "let's get on the bed" Janet pulled Jeff to the bed, leading him by his cock. Janet got on the bed, spread her leg's and told Jeff to "get on" Jeff couldn't get over how beautiful his Mom was laying there, legs spread, naked on the bed, her beautiful tit's, her beautiful, delicious looking hairy pussy, just waiting and wanting to be fucked.

Jeff knew that this was going to be a very god time. And he knew that he was going to finally get to fuck his Mom and he could have popped a nut right then and there! He let his Mom pull him closer and closer to her waiting pussy, her hand wrapped tightly around his cock, Janet knew what was coming and she was ready for it. A very hard, 8 inch cock that she was going to put right in her pussy and it was her Son's cock she was going to be getting and she couldn't wait! As Jeff lowered his self down onto his Mom, mashing her tits with his, the moment he had long awaited and hoped for was finally here, he was going to get to bury his cock in his Mom's pussy and actually, finally, get to fuck her, to put his cock in his Mom's pussy and fuck her.

His cock had never been as hard as it was now! Janet felt pretty much the same way, she had her Son's cock in her hand and was guiding it to her pussy and when it got there, she was going to take every inch of her Son's cock in her pussy and fuck him the best she had ever fucked anyone. Finally the moment both of them had secretly longed and hoped for was here. The head of Jeff's cock met the entrance to HIS Mom's cunt!

They looked into each other's eye's, smiled and Jeff suddenly gave his Mom a wet kiss, right on the mouth, Janet, returned her Son's kiss and Jeff slowly started easing his cock into his Mom's pussy, but Janet would have none of that, she lunged upward and drove Jeff's cock the full 8 inch's into her pussy! But Janet would have none of that, with a sudden upward lunge, she buried every inch of her Son's rock hard cock into her pussy again and again. Jeff broke the kiss and moaned "Oh Mom," while Janet softly moaned "Oh Jeff," your cock feels so good, hush and just fuck me, let's both feel and enjoy the pleasure" Jeff' did not say a word but began pumping and thrusting his cock, driving every inch of his cock as deep as he could into his Mom's pussy. Janet returning his thrusts with one of her own, matching her Son's! Her Son's cock driving her toward a gigantic orgasm.

Her pussy already flowing with her juices, coating her Son's cock and balls, running out of her cunt, down the crack of her ass. All Jeff's feeling were gone, he was so obsessed with fucking his Mom, he was in another world. Jeff's cock pounding his Mom's pussy, in and out, in and out, thrust after thrust, Janet taking every inch of her Son's cock, she raised her leg's so she could get yet more of her Son's cock in her pussy. Jeff took his Mom's legs and raised them over his shoulders, driving his cock even deeper into his Mom's cunt. Janet could feel another orgasm building and knew she would not be able to stop it or hold back, she started moaning when it hit her, as it did, she shook and shuddered, letting wave after wave of passion overcame her, clasping her pussy to her Son's cock as she met him, thrust for thrust, her juices flowing freely from her pussy, soaking them both. Jeff knew that he was closer also and told his Mom that he was going to cum. Janet told Jeff "to cum in her pussy and fill it with his hot, creamy cum.

She wanted him to fill her pussy with his cum." With a grunt, Jeff exploded into his Mom's pussy, shot after shot blasting into his Mom's cunt, filling it and already seeping out of his Mom's pussy. Jeff could not believe the amount of cum he was squirting into his Mom's pussy! Janet took every drop of her Son's cum in her pussy, feeling it deep in her cunt, soaking the walls of her pussy, leaking out and running down the crack of her ass, it's warm, gooey feeling driving her to another orgasm so soon. Jeff collapsed onto his Mom as the last drop of cum dribbled from his slowly softening cock and his Mom's pussy sucking every drop of her Son's cum from him.

Without a word to each other, they both knew that they had just had the best fuck either had ever had. Jeff rolled off his Mom, his cock falling out of his Mom's pussy with a wet, gushing plop and just lay there next to her. Janet just lay there, trying to catch her breath and get her wit's back together. Jeff reached over and started playing with his Mom's tits, squeezing them, massaging them, lightly flicking and rubbing the hard nipples.

He leaned over and started sucking one, then the other, enjoying the feeling of his Mom's very hard nipples in his mouth, rolling his tongue over them. Janet just lay there enjoying it, when she began to rub her Son's back and belly, slowly reaching down farther and farther until she got to Jeff's hardening cock and took it in her hand and began slowly stroking it back to hardness. With her other hand, she reached for and took her Son's balls in her hand and began massaging and lightly squeezing them, when suddenly she knew what she was going to do to her Son next!

Janet slowly started kissing here Son, going from his lip's to his neck, slowly moving lower until she was at his nipples, she licked and flicked each one with her tongue before ever so slowly moving lower and lower down her Son's belly, Jeff quivering the whole time, sensing what his Mom might be going to do, his cock becoming rock hard in his Mom's hand. Finally, Janet mouth and tongue reached the base of her Son's cock. She licked around the base of her Son's cock, lowering her mouth and took one of Jeff's balls into her mouth and began sucking on it, before moving to the other and doing the same. Letting her Son's nut's drop out of her mouth, Janet began licking the base of her Son's cock again, licking from the base to the tip of Jeff's cock. With her tongue, she licked a drop of pre cum from the head of her Son's cock, letting her mouth rest on the head of his cock, when she slowly started taking her Son's cock into her mouth, lowing her mouth ever so slowly down the length of her Son's cock.

Finally, she had her Son's full 8 inch cock in her mouth, licking his cock with her tongue as she began to suck upwards, as she reached the head of her Son's cock, Janet lustily began giving her Son the best blow job she had ever given to anyone. Her head bobbing up and down on her Son's cock, her tit's swaying to her rhythm, Janet put her hands on her tits and began squeezing and massaging them as she sucked her Son's cock and they were both loving it. Janet stopping ever so often to lick the pre cum leaking from here Son's cock, before plunging her Son's cock back into her mouth, sucking the whole length of it, feeling the head of her Son's cock at the back of her mouth as she sucked it. Jeff knew that this was the best blowjob he had ever had and it was his Mom giving it to him.

He told his Mom, "oh yes Mom, suck my cock, yes, that's it, suck it good and I'll eat your sweet, delicious pussy, Oh Mom, suck my cock, take it all in your mouth and just suck me off, oh Mom, I have never had such a good blow job, you are the best cocksucker I know, yes, yes, Mom, suck my cock, ooooh, yes that it, suck it good Mom, suck it, suck it, suck it!" He reached down to his Mom's head, and started to rub the back and sides of his Mom's head and shoulder's. Oh, fuck, it felt so good, his Mom sucking his cock, Jeff knew that he was never going to be able to hold back for long and already he could feel another load of cum building in his ball's.

Suddenly, Janet began sucking her Son's cock faster, her head bobbing up and down on the full length of her Son's cock, her tit's swaying and bobbing back and forth as she drove her mouth up and down the length of her Son's cock. Sensing that her Son was close to Cumming again, Janet could feel her Son's cock quiver and harden, when suddenly, Jeff gave out a groan and his cock litterly shot gobs of cum from his cock into his Mom's warm, waiting mouth! Squirt after squirt, blasting into his Mom's mouth. Janet took every squirt and when her mouth was almost full, she swallowed, with just the head of her Son's cock in her mouth, Janet was able to swallow every drop of her Son's sweet, hot, creamy, gooey cum from Jeff's cock.

Waiting until she knew that her Son had fully drained his cum from his cock before she let it loose from her mouth. They both lay there letting the last few moments catch up with them. When Janet felt a hand on her pussy, fingers running along her cunt lips, massaging her pussy. That was all it took for her juices to began flowing again. Janet was still quite horny yet and just lay there, letting her Son play with her pussy, loving the feeling her was giving her with his fingers. Jeff's finger's running along his Mom's pussy lip's, stroking them gently, tugging on them softly, when all at once he moved down and locked his mouth on his Mom's cunt. Janet let out a groan as her Son's mouth and tongue hit her cunt and Jeff started licking her pussy, driving his Mom wild. Jeff found his Mom's clit and started nibbling on it, flicking it with his tongue, alternating between flicking his Mom's clit and driving his tongue into his Mom's pussy and probing her with his tongue. Jeff marveled at how delicious his Mom's pussy tasted. It was the best pussy he had ever tasted. Jeff was licking and sucking his Mom's pussy, driving her higher and higher.

Jeff stuck two fingers in his Mom's pussy and started finger fucking his Mom's cunt while still licking and sucking it. He got his fingers good and wet with his Mom's pussy juices, the moved his fingers to his Mom's asshole and started circling the ring around it, when he had his Mom's asshole wet with her juices, Jeff shoved a finger into his Mom's ass. Still eating his Mom's pussy, he shoved his finger in up to the knuckle and stopped. Letting it rest there to see if his Mom was going to object. When Janet didn't say anything, Jeff shoved his finger in his Mom's ass all the way and started fucking his Mom's ass with his finger. Jeff eating his Mom's pussy and his finger fucking her ass was too much for Janet. The orgasm that had been building up in her, reached its bursting point and hit her all at once.

Janet lifter her legs over her Son's shoulders and locked her legs around her Son's neck, grabbed his head and screamed, "I'm cumin, I'm cumin, here I cum, ohhhhhhhh, here I cum" and let loose with a gush of her juices. Jeff licking his Mom's cunt, fingering her ass, licked up and swallowed every drop of his Mom's juices that came flowing out of her pussy. When Janet lay still after the orgasm had subsided, Jeff pulled his finger out of his Mom's ass and took his head from between Janet's leg's, he moved up to her and told his Mom how good and delicious her pussy had tasted and Janet told him how wonderful he had eaten her pussy and fingered her ass.

Janet looked at Jeff and said to her Son, "Jeff, I have only been fucked in my ass once before, but now I want you to fuck me in my ass, will you? Will you shove your cock deep in my asshole and fuck me in my asshole and let me feel your balls slapping my pussy, please?" Jeff told his Mom that he would if that was what she wanted. Janet told Jeff that there was some vaseline in the medicine cabinet and Jeff went and got it, Janet took the jar and stuck the head of her Son's cock in it and got a fair amount on it, then Jeff took a gob and started to lube his Mom's asshole until it was ready, Jeff slipped a finger in his Mom's asshole with very little resistance and knew his Mom was ready. Janet raised her ass in the air and Jeff mover around behind her and got between his Mom's spread legs. Jeff took his cock and placed it to the entrance to his Mom's asshole and slowly started pushing.

His cock was met with some resistance, but all at once the head slipped in and Jeff stopped so his Mom's asshole could adjust to the size of the head of his cock. Janet felt the pain, but it was a good stab of pain and wanted more of her Son's cock in her asshole, so she pushed back and more of her Son's cock slid into her asshole, back Janet went until she had her Son's full 8 inch cock in her asshole. Janet couldn't believe how good it felt. She raised up on her hands and knees, tit's hanging loosely, her ass quivering, so Jeff could give her an excellent ass fucking. Ever so slowly, Jeff began fucking his Mom in her asshole. But it didn't take long before he was pounding his Mom's asshole with long, hard, deep thrusts.

Janet's tit's swaying back and forth with each thrust, her head rolling around with the pleasure that was overwhelming her, meeting her Son's thrust's to drive his cock into her asshole, Janet was delirious with pleasure! Jeff reached around and grabbed his Mom's tit's and started massaging them, feeling the weight of them in his hands, amazed at the hardness of his Mom's nipples and Janet responded by reaching behind her and taking her Son's hairy ball's in her hand and squeezing, pulling and massaging them. What a sight, Jeff's cock in his Mom's asshole, his hands holding his Mom's tits, Janet, with her Son's cock in her asshole, holding her Son's balls in her hand. Both were overfilled with pleasure and lust, not caring for but the moment, oblivious to the world and not caring, just wanting to be with each other, to pleasure each other in any way, only they could.

At that point, they could care less who knew they were fucking each other. They just wanted to fuck and fuck each other! Jeff suddenly felt his ball's tighten up and knew that another load of cum was building up in his balls and before long he would be shooting it into his Mom's asshole. Janet at the same time could feel another orgasm building. Faster Jeff began pounding his Mom's asshole, his ball's slapping his Mom's cunt with every forward thrust, driving his cock as far in his Mom's asshole as he could. Janet, rocking back and forth, her tit's swaying and bobbing every time Jeff rammed his cock into her asshole, when it suddenly overtook them both, hitting each with huge, overpowering jolt's of passion. Jeff grunted as his cum shot from his cock into his Mom's asshole, Janet screamed as she felt the first squirt blast deep in her asshole.

Tightening the muscles of her asshole around her Son's cock, she wanted to drain and suck every drop of his cum in her asshole. Jeff, squirting shot after shot of cum as deep in his Mom's asshole as he could. Jeff filled his Mom's asshole with so much cum that it began oozing out and running onto her pussy, she began rubbing as much as she could into her pussy, mixing it with her own juices that had been flowing from her cunt. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Jeff let his cock slide out of his Mom's asshole and they both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Neither able to move for a few moments. Completely overcome. Janet was the first to move and she reached down and took her Son's cock in her hand and slowly began stroking it. Jeff wondered how much fucking his Mom could take at once, but knew that if his Mom wanted to fuck again, he would please her. Janet told Jeff that she just wanted to talk for a while, but she would love to blow him again.

She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth and suck it again, to taste his delicious cum again. They lay there and talked, telling each other how good the other were and how each had enjoyed the fucking and sucking and that each agreed that it had been the best ever for each. How they had both fantasized about having fucking the other. How many times they each had masturbated at the thought of fucking the other. They both knew and agreed that they would continue fucking and sucking each other forever. Every chance they got, they would get together and fuck, Janet would suck Jeff's cock and taste his cum and Jeff would eat his Mom's pussy and ass fuck his Mom.

Janet and Jeff both sorry and wishing they had known of each other's desires and wishes long ago, even years ago that each had wanted to fuck the other. Janet, still stroking her Son's cock, was getting horny and ready to suck her Son's cock again. She loved the feel of Jeff's hot, hard cock in her hand and knew that she had much better places for it, like in her ass, her mouth and her pussy. She longed for her Son's cock now and knew that she would never be happy or satisfied with any other cock again, even as much as she loved black cock.

For the moment though, right then, Janet wanted her Son's cock in her mouth, to feel it's hardness, it's head against the back of her mouth, her mouth running up and down it's 8 inch's, to feel his cum squirting into her mouth and savor the wonderful taste of it as she swallowed it. Jeff must have been reading his Mom's mind, and he had the urge to eat his Mom's, sweet, delicious pussy again, turned around, until he was head to toe with his Mom. Jeff scooted down until he was in the 69 position with his Mom. Her pussy inches away from his face, Janet's mouth inch's away from her Son's rock hard cock. Jeff started to lick and suck his Mom's pussy, his tongue darting over her clit, before sticking his tongue into his Mom's pussy and tongue fucking her, Janet sucking the entire length of her Son's cock, her head bobbing on her Son's cock, her tit's mashed to her Son's belly.

Jeff was sucking his Mom's pussy and her juices were flowing again and running onto his face, licking up as much as he could. His Mom, stopping every few minutes to lick the drops of pre-cum forming on the head of his cock. Both Janet and Jeff trying to please and make the other cum again. Jeff's tongue probing his Mom's cunt, licking around her hairy pussy, Janet, swallowing her Son's entire cock. Janet was nearing another orgasm and she knew it. Jeff could feel another load of cum building up in his balls and knew that his Mom wanted him to blow his nut into her mouth.

Janet could tell her Son was getting ready to shoot his wad, she could feel his cock twitching and jerking and she was ready for the load of cum that her Son had for her. Suddenly, a huge orgasm overcame Janet and she squashed her pussy to her Son's face, reaching up to take her Son's balls in her hand, kneading and massaging them, when suddenly, Jeff's cock began to shoot huge streams, one after the other, of warm, delicious cum into his Mom's sucking, waiting mouth. Shot after shot of cum squirting into his Mom's mouth. Janet had a hard time swallowing, tasting and savoring every bit of cum in her mouth before swallowing and never missed a drop. She knew that from then on, the only cum she would ever taste again would be her Son's. Fuck, it was delicious, so warm and so tasty! When they both finished, Jeff turned around and kissed his Mom full on the mouth.

During the kiss Jeff knew that from that day on, the only pussy he would ever eat or Fuck again would be his Mom's and Janet realized that the only cock that would satisfy her would be her Son's and that the only cock she would suck or have in her ass or pussy would be her Son's! They told each other exactly how they felt before they both dozed off in each other's arms. Jeff stayed for the next few days and neither Janet nor Jeff got dressed.

There was no reason to. Every time Jeff got the urge, which was a lot, to fuck his Mom or eat her pussy, he did and when Janet got the urge to fuck her Son or suck her Son's cock, she did. About all they did was fuck and suck each other for the next few days. Parading around the house naked whenever they did something other that fuck! They ate naked, watched tv naked, slept naked, anything they did, they did naked! It wasn't long before Jeff moved in with his Mom so they could be together all the time, it was the perfect arrangement for them both!

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