4th of July with Mom

Mom & Son discover each other.

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It was hot outside, really hot. It was the 4th of July and Mom and I were relaxing in the pool. We had decided that this year we would just stay home and enjoy our vacation week, hanging out in the pool and watching movies. No work, no schedules, and since we were staying home, no crowds or traffic to contend with. Lying there on the pool float I was thinking how this was just about perfect. The only thing better would be if I had a girlfriend to hang out with instead of my Mom.

It had been a few months since I broke up with Jill.

We had been dating for about six months and we had gotten into a pretty steady diet of fucking each other's brains out. But she had become clingy and was talking about how great it would be to get married and stuff. I didn't have any plans like that, I had just turned 18, and Jill had my life planned out for me.

Jill was on the pill but I always made sure I wore a rubber, just in case. I had heard about girls that trap guys into having a kid and I didn't want any part of that. It wasn't easy to break away from having sex pretty much every day but I got scared something might happen and I would be doomed to having a kid and a wife and all that before I really had a chance to have fun.

So here I was floating in the pool, listening to the radio and drinking margaritas that Mom made. It really wasn't that bad.

I guess I was zoned out in my own world pretty deep because when Mom called my name I didn't hear her at first. "Bobby!... Have you gone deaf?".

I snapped back to reality and looked up to see my Mom standing by the pool ladder holding a plate of food. "uh ... what Mom?" I asked.

"I asked if you wanted some lunch its after 12 0'clock I figured you would be hungry, I made some sandwiches and chips." She replied.

As I got off the pool float and moved toward the ladder I noticed just how good Mom looked today. Of course she always looked good as she worked out pretty much every day and she always wore stylish clothes for work. Mom sold real estate and she was good at it. She made great money and never skimped on her wardrobe.

Mom is 43 and could pass for a woman in her late 20s or early 30's. She is 5ft 1in tall, slender build with a nice set of tits. I checked the tag on one of her bras one day and found out they are 34c. Mom is always smiling and even when she gets upset she can keep her composure very well.

Today she was wearing a bikini that looked great. It had a top that had strings between the triangles of fabric that covered her nipples and the bottom was tied at the sides. It was bright orange and it looked great against her tan skin.

As I climbed the ladder getting out of the pool I was awestruck at just how beautiful and sexy she really was.

We sat at the table and ate lunch while talking about trivial things going on in our lives. After we finished I helped Mom clean up and I got back in the pool while she went to mix another batch of margaritas.

When Mom returned I watched her walk from the house and out to the pool. My brain seemed to have switched to cheesy movie scene mode. Time slowed down, she looked like one of those sexy girls in a movie...walking towards me, like she was walking in slow motion, smiling, her tits bouncing just a bit as she walked towards me.

I didn't know what to think about the thoughts that flew through my brain right then. For a few Moments I wasn't looking at my Mom, I was looking at a beautiful sexy woman.

"Ready for a refill?" Mom asked as she poured herself a fresh glass.

"Sure, don't mind if I do" was my reply as I held my glass out to her.

Even though the legal drinking age was 21, Mom didn't mind if I had margaritas or a few beers with her from time to time. I was 18 and, as she puts it, when she was my age it was legal and what we do in our own house is nobody else's business.

We floated around in the pool, drinking and listening to music for an hour or so. We really hadn't said much to each other during that time, it was as we were each in our own relaxing world. I was brought back to reality when Mom climbed out of the pool and said she was going to go mix up another batch. As she walked across the patio she stumbled a bit and admitted that maybe the margaritas were having an effect on her. I flopped off the raft I was laying on and noticed when I stood up my head was buzzing just a bit. "Woa, feels like they are having an effect on me too".

As Mom reached the house she called back to me "lets get this party goin!" I just laughed and reached up and turned up the music.

A few minutes later Mom emerged from the house with a new batch of drinks and as she walked towards the pool she was doing a kind of dancing step.

She was definitely feeling the effects of the margaritas as she placed the container of the drinks by the edge of the pool then walked towards the ladder to get back in. She stopped at the ladder and did a sexy dance to the music. Wiggling her butt and throwing herself around like a dancer in a strip joint. I was laughing and clapping cheering her on as she did her dance. "Wooooo!" Mom, "Yea! Lets get this party into gear!"

When the song ended mom took a bow and slipped into the pool. We were both laughing and joking around. "I guess I still move OK for an old broad don't you think?"

"Mom you move great! You could probably make extra money workin as a dancer", I replied.

She just laughed, "yea like anyone wants to see an old mom dancing like some hootchie woman".

"Well mom, if ya got it flaunt it".

We laughed and had a few sips of our drinks and began talking.

The margaritas were going down smooth and we were laughing and having a great time. We were both getting a good buzz going. And I was getting a bit horny looking at Mom, especially after she did that dance. Mom said,"You know this reminds me of when I was in college on spring break. Partying and hanging out the around a pool. Playing drinking games or truth or dare".

"You used to play truth or dare?" I asked.

"Yes, many times, I guess we used to get pretty crazy back then".

"How crazy did you get?" I asked, wondering just how much she might admit to. Mom got this funny smile on her face and said, "Well talking about it wouldn't be as fun as playing the game now would it?"

"Oh, are you asking if I want to play truth or dare? Or just brushing me off?" I asked.

Mom thought for a few seconds and that funny smile returned to her face, she took a drink of her margarita and said. "Ok... truth or dare?"

I wasn't sure what she was actually asking at first. I guess her question really took me by surprise. "Huh?"

"Truth or dare? What do you want to do?" she asked.

I thought a second, "Ok I'll take truth"

Mom took a drink and paused then said, "Truth it is... when was the first time you kissed a girl and who was it?"

"That's easy, it was Carol Baker 7th grade after the end of the year dance. And if you want to know anymore it will have to be a separate question." I figured it was better not to elaborate more than I needed to if she wanted to know something make her work for it.

"That's fair", she said. "Ok now your turn. I'll take truth".

It only took a few seconds to come up with my question. "Ok mom... truth, how wild did those spring break parties get?"

Mom closed her eyes and smiled as if she was remembering the past. She took a sip of her drink and with a gleam in her eyes she spoke. "Well they got pretty wild. There was lots of drinking, getting naked and skinny dipping, and lots of other things".

"Wow! Mom guess I didn't ever think of you as having that much fun". My mind was racing wondering about what it would have been like to be at one of those parties. I was feeling pretty good and obviously so was Mom to come out and tell me something like that.

Mom said, "I guess I had a lot of fun when I was your age. But that was before I got married and had you and got old"

"Mom you're not old. At least you don't look it. All my friends think your still pretty hot and so do I. You should get out and have more fun."

"You think I'm hot huh?"

"Yes I do, you really looked hot when you were doing that dance earlier".

Just then I noticed the song on the radio and thought it would be a good song for mom to be dancing to again. "There's a good song on right now, go ahead and dance again. I dare you".

Mom took a drink and moved toward the pool ladder she started getting out of the pool but she was doing her dancing moves. Swinging her hips and gyrating to the music.

I started cheering her on as she moved to the bluesy beat. I was feeling horny already but watching her dance was bringing my cock to full attention. This was great! I clapped and cheered as mom rubbed her hands over her body. When she moved her hands up to cover her tits she grabbed her swim suit top and pulled it open a bit like she was going to flash her tits at me, I figured she was just teasing and really wouldn't flash me but it was fun thinking she might. I cheered louder as she tugged her suit open a bit and then took one hand and pulled her bikini bottom down just a bit to show a part of one butt cheek. She kept dancing and teasing.

Finally I said, "Go for it mom. I dare you!"

I was laughing and enjoying the show when mom reached up and grabbed the tie behind her neck and untied her bikini top then let it fall free exposing her tits. Then she reached behind her and untied the bottom string to remove the top completely. My eyes just about popped out of my head. There was Mom dancing topless. Her magnificent tits swinging and bouncing free.

"Holy shit! Yes! Mom your beautiful!"

Mom was shaking her tits and feeling them, twisting the nipples and they were poking out hard as rocks.

"Lets see you show something now", mom said above the music.

I didn't know what to do. Was mom just joking around or was she trying to actually get me to get naked? I climbed up the edge of the pool and got out on the deck I was only a few feet away from mom I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. I was dancing and turned around and bent over I pulled my trunks part way down and flashed my ass at mom.

"Nice ass you got there young man, shake it!"

Mom was laughing and dancing still showing off her tits. "Want to go skinny dipping?" she asked.

I didn't know what to say or do. By this time I was hard as a rock and I'm sure my cock was visible under the swim trunks. "You first... I dare you!" was my reply. I didn't know if she was going to take this further or not.

Mom reached down and pulled the strings at the sides of her bikini bottoms they untied and she whipped the bottoms right off. At the same time she turned and jumped into the water. I only got to see a flash of her pussy hair before she turned and jumped into the pool. I pulled my trunks down and off and jumped into the pool too.

The music was playing loud, we were both pretty buzzed and now we were both naked in the pool. Mom splashed water at me and I went underwater and swam towards her and grabbed her ankle. We started wrestling around like we did when I was little, splashing and dunking each other. But this time with both of us being naked we were each also copping feels of each other.

I felt moms hand brush my ass and a few times I felt her hand rub my cock. I got a few feels of mom's tits. I came up from behind her and wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight against me. My cock was pressing between her ass cheeks. Mom wiggled loose and turned around, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. We looked at each other for a few seconds then she pulled herself up to me and kissed me. It wasn't a fast, mom / son kiss. It was a full on lips connected, tongues touching, spit swapping kiss.

There we were standing in the water naked, hugging and kissing like two lovers. Mom was breathing heavy and moaning. I thought I was going to pass out. The feeling was incredible! I worked my hand up to feel her breast. Mom let out a moan and broke off the kiss just long enough to say, "Yes! play with my tits".

I started pinching and twisting her nipples, then when our kiss broke off I moved my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. "Oh, yes! suck my nipple. Make my titties feel good!"

Mom was squirming around and I had both my hands on her ass holding her up while I attacked her nipples. I moved a few feet over and came to rest on the steps of the pool.

Mom and I sat on the steps still kissing and feeling each other. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking me. Moving between kissing moms lips and sucking her nipples the only sounds we made were moans of pleasure.

I noticed as I was sucking and biting Moms nipple that her legs were spreading open wide. I was really enjoying the feeling of Mom stroking my cock and I let my hand slide down her stomach towards her pussy. My fingers brushed Moms pussy hair and as they did I felt Mom squeeze my cock harder and the speed that she was stroking me increased. Her legs parted even more as I began rubbing my fingers over her pussy. I felt the wetness of her pussy as my finger slipped just a little bit into her. Mom let out a moan and kissed me harder.

My fingers explored the folds of her pussy. She was very wet and slippery and I began to slide a finger into her. Moms moans increased along with the speed she was stroking my cock. It felt incredible and my hips started thrusting involuntarily in response to her hand motions. Soon I had two fingers twisting in and out of Moms pussy and I was working them in and out at the same speed she was jacking my cock. Mom threw her head back and was moaning "yes, fuck! That feels so good! So good!"

I took a nipple in my mouth and was sucking hard when her hips started bucking and I felt my cock getting ready to explode.

Mom and I both groaned out at the same time as my cock exploded shooting cum all over Moms stomach and tits. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came hard. I kept finger fucking mom as she had her orgasm and she pumped my cock until I couldn't take it anymore.

Breathing heavy and feeling totally drained I slipped back into the cool water of the pool never taking my eyes of the beauty of Mom. She was sitting back on the pool step with the biggest smile on her face then she looked at me and proceeded to use her fingers to scoop up my cum from her stomach and tits then she licked my cum from her fingers.

"mmmmmmm that was wonderful" she said.

She had a devilish grin on her face as she slipped into the water and came up to me and gave me a hug and kissed me again. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did".

"Mom, It was great! I hope we can make each other feel that way again."

"I'm sure we can and we will", she replied. "I need something to drink right now though"

Mom got out of the pool and grabbed the empty pitcher of margaritas and walked into the house. I propped myself up on the side of the pool and watched her every move.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. Mom and I had just taken a big step into something that we both knew was wrong. But it didn't feel wrong. It felt right. It seemed as if we knew exactly what each other needed. We hadn't spoken hardly a word. It was just us with our bodies touching and we went with the flow toward being closer than we had ever been.

I closed my eyes and tried to reason with myself wondering if this was just a dream or if what just happened was real.

A few minutes later Mom came out of the house with a new pitcher of drinks. She was stunning. Totally naked her tits swayed as she walked. She was smiling and she had a sexy spring in her step.

She poured both of our glasses full then walked over to the pool ladder and slipped into the pool with me. She came up to me and kissed me again.

We kissed and hugged for a long time, our hands roamed over each other. I could tell by the look in her eyes that Mom was feeling the same euphoria I felt. Just wanting to kiss and touch and enjoy this special time together.

As we kissed and touched my cock was hard again Mom was lightly touching it and stroking it. Mom broke off our kiss and gave me a wicked smile. "I want to do something for you", was all she said and she pushed me backwards a few steps till I was against the pool ladder. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it as she did she motioned for me to sit up on the ladder rung. I climbed up a few steps till my cock was just out of the water and Mom started licking my cock. She licked and kissed the head then slipped it into her mouth.

The feeling was incredible. As she sucked me she used her hands to stroke me and play with my balls. Her licking and sucking was feeling incredible. And the way she looked at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe this was really happening. Mom stopped sucking and stroked me.

"Does this feel good? Do you want to shoot a big load for mommy?"

"Yes... suck my cock mom. It feels great!"

Mom started stroking her hand faster and harder on my cock. "I'm gonna shoot!"

Mom took my cock back into her mouth and sucked me deep. That was the final trigger. I started cumming, shooting my load into Moms mouth. She moaned and sucked and swallowed every shot. I emptied my balls into her mouth and she kept on sucking. As my orgasm subsided Mom licked my cock gathering up all my juice.

"Mmmmmm such a big load! I love your big cock! Mmmmmmm...I'm going to enjoy keeping you well satisfied"

My cock deflated slowly, sweat was trickling down my face and chest. I moved back into the pool into Moms arms. We hugged and kissed, neither of us said a word for a long time. It was like we could tell what the other was thinking. Just holding and kissing each other was words enough.

A little while later Mom and I were standing in the pool hugging and kissing when Mom wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my hands on her ass and she started rubbing her pussy against my re-hardened cock.

"Should we try and see if this fits inside me?"

"I would love to fuck you Mom"

Mom reached between us and took hold of my cock and guided it towards the entrance to her pussy. She slowly lowered her cunt onto my throbbing cock. I could feel how slippery and tight her pussy was as my cock inched slowly into her. My cock impaling my own mothers pussy. I wanted to savor the moment. Her pussy was burning with heat, it gripped my cock and felt so good I was afraid I wouldn't last very long. I slowly started thrusting in and out of Moms pussy.

Mom moaned out, "oh my god that feels sooo good. Fuck me and don't ever stop."

We fucked with me standing in the pool for a while. Slow and easy strokes. Mom had her arms around my neck and I held her ass.

She was almost weightless in the water plus the water caused a resistance that slowed the speed of our fucking to full deep strokes.

" Yes fuck my pussy. Oooo It feels sooooo good. Fuck mommies pussy" "oooo so deep!"

We fucked and kissed and enjoyed our first coupling. After a bit mom let go of my neck and slipped away from me.

"Where are you going?"

"I need some good hard fucking so I'm going to go in the grass. Come on I'm not through with you yet!"

Mom climbed the ladder and got out of the pool. I followed right behind her. She walked over to the grass and laid down. As I approached her I could see how beautiful she was.

She laid there in the full sunlight with water droplets glistening on her skin. She spread her legs wide as I started to kneel down between them.

"Fuck me son. Fuck your mommies pussy. Fill me up with your cock and cum."

As I guided my cock into her dripping slit I looked at mom and how she was smiling up at me. I was speechless. I couldn't think of any words to say. I just pushed my cock into her waiting pussy in one long stroke till I was buried all the way into her hot wet cunt.

I leaned over her and kissed her deeply as I started to fuck her. Mom was grinding and thrusting her pussy back at me, matching the rhythm of my thrusts. I positioned myself more upright and grabbed Moms hips. This allowed me to hold her tight and fuck into her with full strokes, fucking her hard and fast.

Mom was moaning and saying "Yes! Yes! Yes" over and over. "ooooo Bobby! Mommies gonna cum!"

I felt her pussy clamp even tighter as she squealed out" "Yes Fuck Me! Fuck Me hard!"

Her back arched and her head rolled back as she climaxed. My cock was being sucked by her pussy. Clamping down hard and it seemed to be pulling me deeper. I couldn't hold back any longer and felt by own orgasm rapidly approaching.

"I'm gonna cum Mom!"

"Yes! Bobby fuck me and fill me up! Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck Me!!"

My cock exploded shooting what felt like buckets of cum into moms pussy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. My cock pumped and pumped cum into moms pussy. I fucked harder and deeper till I couldn't go any more and collapsed on top of Mom.

We laid there sweating and breathing heavily.

"I love you Mom"

"I love you too son".

I rolled of to the side and let my cock slip out of Mom. We laid there beside each other, eyes closed, regaining our composure.

After a few minutes we got up and went back into the pool to cool off.

We spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and playing with each other.

Later we went inside and had something to eat then went up to Moms room and spent the rest of the night sucking and eating and fucking each other.

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