The Seduction of My Wife

He sets up his wife for a friend.

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Jessie, my 28 year old wife, enters our bedroom from the en suite, wearing only a skimpy pair of panties. She has just finished her shower. Her full, firm breasts jiggle and sway as she dries her long, black hair with a towel. She sits down in front of the dressing table and starts to brush her hair. I look at her image in the mirror. I have never been able to resist the sight of those perfect tits! Like a moth drawn to a flame, I sneak up behind her. I lean over, kissing her lightly in the nape of the neck while cupping her breasts in my hands.

"Down, Boy!" she says as she pushes me away. "No time for hanky panky! You'd better get dressed. Jason will be here any minute."

Jason is a good friend of ours. He is a medical doctor by profession. His wife, Melanie, is visiting her mother for the weekend. Jason had to stay because he is on standby. We invited him over for supper.

"Well, he'll just have to wait!" I reply. "I can never allow such a great opportunity to pass me by!" With that I give her nipple a gentle tweak. As always, it responds immediately.

"No chance, Loverboy! Feel free to try me again later. But for now we'd better get dressed." she says firmly. She starts to put on her bra.

"Is that really necessary?" I ask, pointing at the bra.

"You want me to prance around in front of Jason without a bra..?" she asks with a quizzical look on her face.

"Hey, it's only Jason! He's a doctor, remember? I'm sure he has seen more boobs than any man I know, the lucky dog! He probably won't even notice. And if he does, I certainly don't mind him seeing what he can't have." I reply. "It's not like I'm asking you to seduce him or anything..."

"Are you saying that it's OK for me to flirt with him?" she enquires.

"Sure! Flirt all you want! As long as it doesn't go beyond that. I would like to see his reaction. Come on! Be a tiger! Tease him a little!" I encourage her.

"I can't believe I'm hearing this!" she says and drops the bra on the dressing table. She puts on her blouse and looks at herself in the mirror. "No ways! This blouse is totally see-through! I don't think this is such a good idea."

"It's only because you know you're not wearing a bra. It's all in the mind!" I reply, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her huge dark nipples are clearly visible through the thin fabric.

"Well, OK then, but remember I'm only doing this because you insist." she replies. She puts on her short, sexy black mini skirt.

Then the doorbell rings. "Shit! That must be Jason. Please go and invite him in while I finish up here." she orders.

I undo the top button of her blouse, kiss her on the cheek and then go downstairs wondering whether she'll have the nerve to come down without the bra. I open the front door, invite Jason in and pour drinks. We sit down in the lounge and start chatting away.

Then Jessie comes down the stairs, pretty as a picture. Her firm breasts bouncing with every step she takes. One has to be blind not to notice the fact that she is not wearing a bra. Those huge dark nipples are clearly visible! She left the top button of her blouse undone. Her long legs look divine as they protrude from under the short skirt.

I look at Jason. He looks like he has just swallowed a whole potato! He obviously likes what he sees!

"Hi, Jason. Feeling lonely with Melanie so far away?" She leans over the coffee table to pick up her drink, giving Jason a good eyeful of cleavage in the process. He just stares at those two firm orbs straining against the buttons of her blouse. She sits down beside me on the couch. We start chatting and I get up every now and again to get more drinks, while Jessie serves some snacks. I notice that every time she offers Jason something to eat, she leans forward somewhat more than is necessary. Jason is loving the attention and now stares unabashed at her chest.

Jessie curls up next to me on the couch, while Jason and I talk golf. She doesn't take part in the conversation, but I do notice that she crosses her legs very seductively every now and again. Jason, who is sitting directly across the room from us, has a hard time looking me in the eye while he talks to me.

The Jessie announced that dinner is ready and we sit down to enjoy the meal. After dinner, we move back to the lounge and have a few more drinks while we chat.

I am very curious to see how far Jess will go with her little game and decide to create an opportunity. I excuse myself, claiming that I'm tired and have to get up early in the morning. I ask Jessie to keep Jason company for the rest of the night. She gives me a slightly puzzled look, but does not object. I say my goodnights and head up the stairs to the bedroom. There I undress and put on a pair of boxer shorts and a T-shirt – my regular sleeping gear. I switch of all the lights on the second floor and lie down on the bed for a while.

Eventually, curiosity gets the better of me and I sneak to the top of the staircase. There, from behind the potted palm tree I have a perfect view of the activities in the lounge.

Jason returns from the bar with two drinks. He offers one to Jess and sits down on the couch next to her. She kicks off her shoes and pulls her legs up onto the couch. They chat and chuckle and I can see that both are getting very affected by the liquor. Jason would lean over and whisper something in her ear. She, in turn, would giggle and slap him on the thigh.

Eventually Jason has his arm around her on the back of the couch, slightly stroking the back of her shoulder. He leans over and whispers something in her ear again. I cannot hear what he says, but she replies with "Ooh, you naughty boy!" and crosses her arms over her boobs. It can only have something to do with the fact that she's not wearing a bra. He pulls the side of her blouse away to expose her bare shoulder. He gets a triumphant smirk on his face when he sees no bra strap. Is the man blind?! I can see her nipples through her blouse from where I am standing!

Self-conscious, Jessie pulls her blouse back over her shoulder. He leaves his arm around her, his hand dangling dangerously close to her breast. Then he strokes her neck ever so lightly as he chats her up. His sneaks another peek down her cleavage and notices her gold pendant hanging in the valley of those perfect breasts. He plays with the pendant and lets his fingers 'accidentally' brush the tops of her breasts. She either does not notice or doesn't mind. They chat some more and his fingers moves from the pendant to the top button of her blouse. He fiddles with it. She suddenly realizes that he is trying to undo the button. She slaps him playfully on the hand with a "Naughty boy!" and tries to remove his hand. He won't let go and they start wrestling playfully. He whispers something in her ear.

"OK, if you insist. But only ONE!" I hear her say, while waving her index finger under his nose. She then leans back on the couch and allow him to undo the top button of her blouse. He immediately proceeds with the next button. She grabs his hand. "I said only ONE!" she says sternly. She tries to remove his hand, but he won't let go. In the ensuing struggle a few more buttons become undone and by the time she manages to get his hand away, her blouse is unbuttoned to just above her navel!

"Please fetch me another drink. After all this I really need one!" she says. He gets up to get two more drinks and she covers her breast with the blouse, not bothering to do up the buttons. She gets up and heads up the staircase. I make a quick bee-line for the bed. She walks up to the bed and satisfied that I'm fast asleep, she walks into the bathroom. Soon I hear the sound of a strong stream of piss hitting the water of the loo. Then she flushes and heads back to the lounge. I rush back to my position behind the palm.

She sits down next to him and he hands her her drink. He puts his arm around her and his hand casually slips into her blouse and he cups her bare breast. She is taken by surprise and puts her drink down. She then tries to pry his hand from her breast, but he won't let go. She gets up in an effort to get away, but he pulls her towards him. She loses her balance and falls on top of him, straddling him. She remains in that position, holding together her blouse in an effort to cover up her boobs. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist. What on earth...? Can it be..? She's not wearing any panties! I can clearly see her naked bottom!

He puts his arms around her and places his hands on her naked behind. He whispers something in her ear again. She stiffens and says: "Of course I am!"

"You're not wearing any!" he replied.

"I am!" she says.

"Well, prove it then!" he dares her.

I'm a bit puzzled at what it is all about, but then she gets up and lifts her skirt. She makes a quick twirl in front of him. She's wearing a thong!

"Well, whaddaya know!!! Let's have another peek at that!" he shrieked.

"Dream on, mate!" she says and pulls away from him. He puts his hands under her skirt and tries to pull down her thong. She hangs on for dear life, but with both hands holding his, she can do nothing about her breasts popping out from under her unbuttoned blouse. Jason looks up and sees the two perfect orbs dangling in front of his face. He can't believe his luck! Without further ado his mouth closes around her right nipple. I can hear the sharp intake of her breath. For a few moments she lets him have her way with her boob. He undoes the rest of her buttons and still she does not object. He pushes the blouse back over her shoulders and she lets it slip to the floor.

God! Is she really going to let him screw her?! I can't believe what I'm seeing! The strangest thing is the fact that I'm actually getting turned on by all this! I've developed a massive hard-on while watching another guy suck my wife's tits! I free my hard cock from the constraints of the boxer shorts and start to stroke it slowly, while watching the proceedings below.

He slides his hand under her skirt again and cups her plump pussy through the thin, almost non-existent fabric of the thong. This seems to knock some sense into her. With a firm "NO!" she pushes him away and bends down to pick up her blouse.

But touching her pussy has obviously awakened the animal in him! He grabs her around the waist and in the ensuing struggle, she stumbles and falls on the carpet. He falls on top her, lying with his legs between hers. He pins her arms above her head with his hands and lowers his mouth over her left tit.

"Please... Don't...!" she pleads.

But her pleas fall on deaf ears. He sucks on her nipples, not letting go of her arms.

This is beginning to get out of hand! I am going to beat the shit out of this son-of-a-bitch if he forces her to do anything against her will!

Then he lifts his head. Pinning her arms down with one hand, he uses his other hand to undo his pants. He pushes his pants and his underpants down and lies down on top of her. His hips start a rocking motion as he humps her pussy through the thong. He continues to dry fuck her, while sucking her tits.

"Stop it! Please! I'm going to scream!", she threatens.

"Be my guest!", he challenges her. "You're bluffing and you know it!"

Then his hand disappears between her legs. He is trying to pull the thong away from her pussy, while she squirms underneath him. It seems as if he succeeded in his objective, because he now takes hold of his hard cock and is trying to guide it into her pussy.

Ok! Enough! Now I'm going to kick some ass! As I prepare to intervene, she grabs hold of his cock in and effort to keep him from penetrating her.

"Please don't put it in me! I'll give you a hand job. Let's not do anything that we'll both regret tomorrow!" she pleads. At that she starts to stroke his dick.

This seems to calm him down. He gets up and sits down on the couch, his massive dick towering into the air. He pulls her to her feet and puts his hands on her waist. He unzips her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. She does not object and steps out of it. Then he puts his fingers under the waist band of her thong in an effort to take it off.

"Please... I would like to keep it on." she says. He leaves it at that and takes off his shirt. He pulls her down next to him. She kneels on the couch next to him and her fingers fold around his massive shaft. She strokes him for a while while he lies back, grinning like a Cheshire cat! She fondles his huge balls with her other hand. I can see that she'll be OK. She's in control.

Then he pulls her head down in an effort to persuade her to give him a blowjob. She pulls her head away. Her tits are hanging like two giant water drops in front of him. He reaches out and gently tugs on her nipples while she wanks him. I know that that must turn her on. It drives her nuts when I do that to her!

I feel that tingling in the front of my shorts again. My hard-on has returned! I start to stroke it again.

He reaches around her to try and get to her pussy. She moves her butt slightly sideways to give him better access. He strokes her pussy through her thong while she feverishly pumps his dick. He slips his finger under her thong and I can see it disappear into her sopping wet hole. He finger fucks her and I can see by her open mouth and rocking hips that she's loving it!

Then he pushes her off him. He gets up and pulls her to her feet. He places his fingers inside the waist band of her thong and pushes it down over her hips. This time she does not object. She steps out of it and he pulls her down next to him on the carpet. He rolls her onto her back and get on top of her in the 69 position – his head over her naked crotch and his huge pole dangling over her face. He parts her legs and starts to eat her pussy. She raises her knees and I know she is enjoying it. Her eyes are closed and her head rolls from side to side as he sticks his tongue all the way up her cunt. His dick pokes her in the face and she opens her eyes. She sees this massive cock hovering over her face and instinctively closes her mouth around its head. He gasps and then proceeds to fuck her mouth with long, slow strokes while returning his attentions to her pussy.

Her hands fold around his naked buttocks and her hips begin to buck, I realize that she's about to come. Then she explodes into a mighty orgasm, her body shuddering uncontrollably. He rolls off her and give her time to recover, holding her in his arms.

Then he gets on top of her, his legs between hers. He leans forward and starts to push.

"No! Wait! Don't put it in me! I'll rather blow you!", she pleads.

But Jason has other ideas. He is humping at her wet pussy, trying to penetrate her, while she is squirming like mad in an effort to prevent him from doing so.

"Please stop! We can't do this! What about Greg..? I could never do this to him..."

But Jason is on a mission! He raises her knees and pushes forward. The head of his dick finds her slick slit and lodges against the opening of her vagina. He lunges forward with his hips and his massive shaft glides all the way into the soft wet folds of her cunt. He lies on top of her with his cock buried to the hilt in her cunt. She stops struggling. All her resistance disappears like mist before the sun. She raises her knees and folds her legs around his waist, putting her arms around his back. Her lips search for his and she kisses him passionately.

Then he starts to fuck her. I can see his huge dick disappear all the way into her sopping wet cunt, only to reappear almost immediately, wet and glistening in the soft light of the lounge! Her hips begin to rock in time with his, her nails biting into the flesh of his back. He fucks her passionately, while her hips eagerly meet his every thrust. Then he rolls off her. She gives him a puzzled, almost disappointed look.

He rolls her over and makes her stand on hands and knees. He positions himself behind her and effortlessly slides his huge dick into her slick love channel. She throws her head back, her mouth open. She is totally engulfed in the pleasure of the moment. He leans forward and his one hand disappears between her legs, stroking her clit, while the other fondles her swaying tits. He fucks her hard from behind, his balls slapping against her clit with every stroke. I can see that she is on the verge of another orgasm. She begins to buck again and with a load groan she collapses on the carpet, her body shuddering in the throes of her second orgasm!

She lies in a heap on the floor while he gets up and flops himself down on the couch. She looks at him, not saying a word.

Then she gets up and walks towards him. She straddles him and lowers herself onto his lap as she guides his hard cock into her sopping wet cunt. She lets him slide all the way into her cunt until she can feel his balls pressing against her ass. Then she starts to ride him! It is an absolutely awesome site to see that huge cock pistoning in and out of my beautiful wife's cunt. She is in control and is loving every moment of it!

Then it becomes too much for him. He grabs her by the hips and rams his dick all the way up her cunt. His hips begin to jerk rhythmically as he shoots stream after stream of hot, pearly white cum up her cunt, totally emptying his balls inside her.

At this stage I am also beyond the point of no return. I'm going to come! I pump my cock furiously and shoot load after load of hot cum into the potted palm.

I look down at them. She leans forward and lies with her head on his shoulder, his softening dick still buried in her pussy. Then she lifts her ass and lets his soft, wet dick slip out of her. She gets up and they both get dressed in silence. She walks him to the door and kisses him on the cheek. He leaves without a word.

I rush back to bed as she heads for the stairs. She enters the bathroom and takes a shower. Then she gets into bed. She snuggles up behind my back and holds me very tight. She thinks I'm asleep, but I know that neither of us is going to sleep for quite a while! I can't help wondering how we would react the next time we find ourselves in Jason's company...

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