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A Wife Watcher’s Story:

This story really began a long time ago, when I was only 19 years old. Something happened to me one night that would end up having a much larger impact on my life than I ever imagined at the time.

I was sitting in my car with my girlfriend Ann, listening closely as she confessed her infidelities to me. That was when I first discovered that much to my surprise and confusion, I was becoming sexually aroused by what she was telling me.

She told me that while I was out of town, she went to a party, gotten drunk, and let 3 guys fuck her. I can’t really explain it, but there was a deep, sort of trembling arousal that I felt inside as she gave me the details of her experience.

The combination of finding out that the girl I was in love with had fucked 3 guys and the feelings of arousal from hearing it made me very confused.

I didn’t understand it and I never confessed my feelings about this to her or anyone else until much later.

Ann and I split up soon after. I told myself that I could never trust her and therefore we could never have a future together, but the truth was that I just couldn’t deal with the conflicting feelings of jealousy and arousal that I continued to feel.

I eventually married a woman named Tracy. Tracy was a wonderful, sexy woman who was full of life. Tracy had one small problem however, she had difficulty achieving orgasm. She and I had sex often, and as much as I tried, she could achieve orgasm only on rare occasion. One night we were watching a porno movie and playing with a new toy that I bought for her. It was a latex dildo that measured 9” in length and was proportionally thick. I thought it would be fun for Tracy, and I knew she would enjoy something different.

I started playing with her pussy using only the head of her new toy. After awhile her pussy became wet and started to loosen up.

I began to work the dildo slowly into her a little at a time making sure that it stayed well lubricated by her pussy juices at all times. This was a new experience for her and I didn’t want to rush things and possibly hurt or do anything to turn her off to the experience.

I really enjoyed the sight of the dildo going into her, and I was very curious to see how much of it she could take inside of her.

Tracy is pretty tight even for me. She would often comment to me that she had the pussy of a 14 year old. It took some time for me to get the dildo even half way in. I slid it into her and then slowly backed it out an inch or so to make sure it stayed well lubricated.

Tracy really enjoyed the feeling of her new toy inching it’s way into her tight little hole.

As I worked it deeper into her pussy, Tracy became more and more aroused.

When I got the dildo about three quarters the way into her, I hit the jackpot. Tracy had a huge orgasm. I was caught off guard by it at first. It happened so fast it was as if a switch was suddenly turned on, the “O” switch so to speak.

I watched as a wave of pleasure washed over her for about a minute. I was astonished to see her cum so hard with this new toy. I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did.

I was so excited that I was able to make her cum so easily, that I wanted to make her cum again.

After she returned from her little trip to heaven, I asked her how she liked the new toy. She said it was good, but she had enough for the moment.

Tracy played with her new toy often, but it was mostly when I was not around. She said that sometimes she would cum so hard that it would become stuck inside of her. She had to relax and wait for her pussy to loosen up enough to be able to pull it back out.

She didn’t allow me to use it on her very often. Of the times I did, she would always stop me after one orgasm.

After we were married for about three years, I started wanting more experimentation and variety in our sex life.

Tracy and I talked about the possibility of trying a threesome with another man. She told me that it would be too weird to have sex with another man while I was watching. She suggested that she try having sex with another man while I was not around, and work up to him and I together.

I agreed to her idea but she got cold feet and backed out at the last moment.

We tried fantasizing about it several times while we had sex and it really added a lot to our excitement, but Tracy still didn’t want to try it in real life. Some time had passed and I stopped asking her to try other men. I just figured that she was never going to do it.

One Saturday night Marla, a friend and CO-worker of Tracy’s invited us to a housewarming party. At the party Tracy and I were talking to Marla and her husband Ken, in the kitchen. We were talking about the difficulties of moving and home ownership, when Marla mentioned that their water heater made a strange sound. Tracy told them that I was very handy around the house and that I might be able to discover the cause. I agreed to take a quick look, so Marla showed me to the garage where the water heater was located. Ken offered to show Tracy the rest of the house while I was checking out the water heater.

The water heater problem was not difficult to diagnose. I turned the thermostat up so the burner would turn on and waited for several minutes as the burner heated the water.

We heard a hissing sound coming from the burner. I knew immediately what was causing the hissing sound, it was condensation from the tank dripping down into the fire. I explained the situation to Marla and told her that it was not a problem.

Marla’s eyes lit up and a smile emerged across her face. She told me that she was very relieved. She and Ken had spent a lot of money moving into their new house and was not looking forward to spending more for a new water heater.

She kissed me as a way of thanks. When we went back to the kitchen she rewarded me further with a cold beer and another thank you kiss.

Tracy and Ken returned shortly and I explained the situation with the water heater.

The party turned out to be pretty unremarkable. It was the same old thing, a bunch of strangers standing around not having too much to say. Tracy and I went home at around midnight and went to bed.

Tracy cuddled up to me under the covers and kissed me. She then reached down and started fondling my cock while she kissed me some more. Before long I was on my back and Tracy was on top, riding me slowly and grinding me deep into her.

In the middle of our fuck secession, Tracy dropped a bomb on me. She confessed that she had been “naughty” at the party. I asked her what she did and she made me promise that I wouldn’t get mad if she told me. I promised, and she told me the story.

“Naughty? What do mean?” I asked.

“First I want you to promise me that you will not get mad or do anything crazy”.

My first thought was oh God what could it be that she is so afraid how I might react. By this time I was really worried about what it could be that was so terrible, but I realized that if I didn’t promise, she would never tell me.

I replied to her in a calm and relaxed voice.

“OK sweetheart, I promise I won’t be mad. Tell me what happened”.

Tracy stopped moving her hips, but remained on top of me with my cock still deep inside of her.

“ I was a little bit naughty tonight”.

“Yes, you already told me that. What did you do?”.

“Well, do you remember when you were looking at the water heater tonight and Ken showed me around the house?”.

“Yes” I replied calmly.

“Well, when he showed me the master bedroom, he closed the door and started fondling me”.

“What? He started grabbing you?”.

“You said that you wouldn’t get mad”. Tracy cautioned.

I wasn’t mad, actually I was starting to become aroused at the thought of another man fondling my wife, just as long as he didn’t hurt her.

“I am not mad, I promise. Tell me exactly what happened”.

“Well we went into the master bedroom and he closed the door behind me. When I turned to see what he was doing, he just walked up to me and put his arms around me and said “I have been waiting a long time to do this”.

He kissed me and then his hands started moving over my body, grabbing my ass, and feeling my tits”.

“What did you do when this happened” I asked.

“Well, I kind of kissed him back, and I let him play with my tits some more. After awhile he slid his hand down my pants and stuck his finger into my pussy”.

“Did it feel good when he did that?”

“Yes, it felt great. You are not mad?”

“No sweetheart, I am not mad I promise”. I was starting to feel more and more turned on by what she was telling me. The sensation was a curious mixture of jealousy and very powerful feelings of lust.

Tracy sensed this and started to move her hips again in a slow gentle grinding motion.

“Are you OK with this?” she asked.

“I am OK with it if you are. What else did he do?”

“He mostly played with my tits and fingered my pussy. I reached down his pants and played with him for a little bit and then he undid his pants and let it out”.

“He pulled it out? What did you do? Did you suck it?”


“You sucked him? Man, you were a very naughty girl indeed. Did you make him cum?”.

“I sucked him for about five minutes before he shot his load. And yes, I swallowed it. I didn’t have anyplace else to put it. I was on my knees in the middle of the room sucking his huge dick.”

“Huge dick? How huge was it?”

“That was the other thing. He was huge. I have never seen a cock that long and fat before.” Tracy’s voice quivered when she spoke about Ken’s cock.

“How big was it? Did you do anything else?”

“We didn’t do anything else. After I swallowed his cum we got ourselves back together and went back to the kitchen.”

“How big was it?” I asked again.

“I don’t know. It was very big, that‘s all I can tell you.”

“Oh come on, you had it in your mouth and you can’t tell me how big it was?”

“It was about this long” she held her index fingers about ten inches apart.”

“Shit, that’s a big dick. How thick was it.” I asked.

Tracy shyly formed a “C” with her thumb and forefinger that indicated that his cock was about twice as thick as mine.

“How did you manage to suck that?”

“It wasn’t very comfortable, but I was so turned by how big it was that I didn’t mind it at all. I just wanted to suck that big thing.”

“I still can’t believe you did something like that. Have you ever done something like this before? Have you played with any other men?”

“NO! this was the first time I ever touched another man since you and I met.”

“I was a little drunk when all of this was happening. I probably wouldn’t have done anything more than let him fondle me except that I was so turned on by how big his cock was.”

Tracy picked up the pace of grinding her hips and gradually rode me harder and harder until she exploded in a huge orgasm. I don’t think I ever saw her cum so powerfully. It was clear to me that she very turned on by the night’s events. It was also clear to me that I too was very turned on by what she did.

I coaxed her into riding some more until I exploded into her. We were both so turned on that I lay her on her back and fucked her until I shot a second load into her.

After our magnificent sex secession we lay together. I held Tracy next to me in my arms. Just before I drifted off to sleep Tracy looked up at me and said:

“ I guess you are not mad at me after all.”

“I guess not” I replied, as I drifted off to sleep.

The next night while we were having sex, I asked again about what happened between her and Ken. This time she gave more detail about how he fondled her tits, and fingered her pussy. I pressed her for more details about Ken’s cock and she remained evasive.

Tracy told me that playing with Ken’s cock was a huge turn on for her not only because of it’s size, but because it was someone new and different, and that made it feel a very naughty.

I finally asked her if she would like to fuck Ken. She hesitated for a moment, then told me she would like to very much but she wasn’t sure how I would take it if she did.

I told her to please go ahead, but she had to tell me all about it when she returned from being with him.

Tracy said that she would think about it and then let the subject drop. I decided it would be best not to push any harder about the situation.

A week went by without a word on the subject, then one night Tracy came home from her weekly craft classes and told me that she needed to talk with me and motioned for me to follow her.

I followed her into the bedroom and asked her what was up. Tracy sat on the edge of the bed and asked.

“Remember when you told me it would be OK if I fucked Ken?”

“Yes”, I answered.

“Do you still feel the same way?”

“Yes, of course”, I replied.

“Are you sure you still want me to do it?”

“Sure, if you want to try it go ahead”, I replied.

A grin emerged from her face as she lifted up her skirt and showed me her panties. They were wet with her juices and I could smell the unmistakable scent of a freshly fucked pussy. Her pubic hair was soaked with a combination of cum and her juices. Tracy took her panties off and slid farther up onto the bed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I fucked him, that’s what happened”.

I instantly felt aroused by seeing my wife’s pussy with another man’s cum dripping out of it.

“Yes I can see that, tell me about it”, I told her.

Tracy seemed to relax after seeing my reaction and started to tell me the story. She told me that she arraigned to met with Ken in a supermarket parking lot. From there they rode in his van to a secluded spot and parked. Ken had the back of his van made into a large bed.

Tracy made a point of telling me how Ken’s big cock felt so good inside of her. She said it gave her more intense feelings than with a smaller cock.

“You mean with my cock don’t you?”

“Well, do you want me to lie to you?”

“No, of course not.”

“It was very different. The pleasure was more intense. It felt like it was touching more things inside of me that made me feel good. It reminded me of that dildo you bought me, but Ken’s cock was better because it was real. I don’t know how else to describe it. It was just more intense.”

Tracy stopped for a moment.

“I want to show you something. Turn on the light next to the bed”, she said.

I walked over and turned on the light.

“Look at this”, she said.

Tracy reached down to her pussy and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. What I saw turned me on immediately. Tracy’s pussy was still open from having Ken’s cock in her. As she spread her lips apart I could see that her pussy was full of his cum. It was thick and sticky. It stuck to her pussy lips. A thin string of it stretched between her lips as she spread them apart.

“He cums a lot. I tried to hold as much of it in as possible, but a bunch of it leaked out while I was driving home.”

Tracy described to me how it felt when Ken shot his load of cum into her. She said she could feel the throbbing of his cock as he pumped his load of cum into her.

“The feeling of his cock throbbing inside of my pussy, and knowing that this huge cock was squirting it’s cum into me just put me over the top. That made me cum over and over again. It felt like he was a machine pumping his cum into me. I loved the feeling”, Tracy told me.

“He made you cum?” I asked.

“Four times. It just felt so good. He filled me up so much with that huge cock of his”, she replied.

I reached down and felt my cock. It was hard as a rock. Another man had just fucked my wife and I was extremely excited by it.

I was looking at Ken’s load of cum in her pussy and I was trembling with excitement. I couldn’t stop looking at her freshly fucked pussy. Tracy’s pussy hole was still open from the fucking she received.

I bent down to get a closer look at my wife’s pussy. I felt a little inferior because when Tracy and I had sex, her pussy would close up as soon as I pulled out of her. Ken had stretched her pussy and now it remained open with his cum slowly dripping out like a very slow, milky white waterfall.

Tracy looked at me.

“Want to have a taste?” she asked playfully.

“What?” I asked.

“Come on don’t be afraid. I want you to eat me. I think I can cum again if you do it. My pussy is still tingling”.

I lay down on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. Tracy spread her legs further apart and urged me to go down on her. I first started licking and sucking her clit. This made her gasp.

“Oh yes, keep that up...Lick my hole too. I want you to lick it all out of me”.

I did as she asked and Tracy became more and more turned on.

I realized that my wife had just asked me to lick her lover’s cum from her pussy and I didn’t even hesitate. As soon as she asked me to do it I just crawled up onto the bed and started licking.

I told myself that I was only doing it to please my wife. The sensation of licking her pussy, I mean licking her pussy with another man’s cum inside was overwhelming.

I was trying to rationalize it to myself but here I was eating my wife’s pussy after another man, a man with a cock far superior to mine had just given her the fucking of her life.

I suddenly felt very insecure.

“Can I fuck you?” I asked.

“No, not right now, I just want you to eat me”, Tracy replied.

I reached down and started jerking my cock as I licked her pussy clean. Ken’s cum was thick and salty, but it was mixed well with Tracy’s juices. It was an odd sensation at first, but I soon forgot about everything but making Tracy feel good.

Tracy’s orgasm built quickly. This was very different from her normal response to being eaten. Her body went rigid for a few moments and then began to spasm.

“Oh damn, keep going! Keep going, don’t stop!” she yelled.

A few minutes after her orgasm subsided, I stopped licking her pussy. Tracy just lay there still breathing hard from her experience.

“Thank you”, she said.

“Tell me more”, I told her.

Tracy told me about the feeling of Ken’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy. She told me that “it felt like more switches were being turned on inside of her pussy” when Ken’s big cock was inside her.

Ken fucked her twice that night and Tracy loved every minute of it.

A few days went by and Tracy had another unannounced fuck secession with Ken. She

came home with her pussy full of cum and wanted me to eat her again. She told me that Ken had fucked her for 45 minutes straight with out stopping except the two times when he would pause to cum in her. Tracy told me again how much she loved the feeling of Ken’s cock throbbing as it pumped it’s thick cum into her.

I licked her pussy for about ten minutes much to her delight. After that Tracy asked me to fuck her. I immediately positioned myself on top of her and slid my rock hard cock into her very ready pussy. I immediately noticed that her pussy was stretched considerably from the fucking that Ken gave her that evening and that felt small when I was inside of her. Tracy noticed it too but to her credit she didn’t say anything. I know she didn’t feel much but she let me go until I shot my load into her well used pussy.

After I was done I slid down and licked her pussy as a way of apologizing for not being able to satisfy her.

“I just fucked a guy with a big cock, of course it’s going to feel different.” Tracy explained.

The next night I tried again and was relieved to find that her pussy was back to normal.

Tracy started meeting Ken at least 3 times a week. After two weeks of this I asked her how long this would go on. She told me not to worry that this was a “temporary thing” and that she was just fascinated by the novelty of this new cock in her life.

One night I was fucking Tracy after she returned from one of her fuck secessions with Ken. Tracy started explaining to me about how she felt like Ken had taken part of her virginity from her. She theorized that the biggest cock she ever before Ken was only 7 inches. Ken can reach a full 10 inches into her and his girth fills her up much more than any man before.

She said it was only fitting that Ken have ownership of that part of her pussy that nobody else could reach.

I asked her if she was kidding and she told me, “Ken owns that part of my pussy because only he can reach it.”

After we were finished, Tracy went to the bathroom and showered. I was still horny so I continued to stroke my cock. I looked down at my cock and wondered what it would be like to have a 10-inch cock. I wanted to see what it was like when Tracy was getting fucked by Ken.

When Tracy came back to bed, I asked her how she would feel if I secretly videotaped her and Ken when they had sex. Tracy thought about it for a few moments and then said she liked the idea.

I set up our video camera in the bedroom and showed Tracy how to start the recording. I hid it in a basket full of clothes. In front of the camera I placed a plastic bag that was tinted, but still transparent. Even if you looked right at it, you couldn’t see the camera.

With everything set, I kissed Tracy and left. Ken was due to show up in 15 minutes.

I went to a bar for a couple of hours and tried to relax. This was the first time that I knew beforehand that Tracy was going to have sex with Ken and I was shaking with excitement and a few other emotions that I couldn’t begin to describe.

I was a little tipsy when I returned home. Ken’s van was not in sight, so I knew the coast was clear. Tracy told me that she wanted to take a shower and invited me to watch the video and see how it came out.

I put the tape in our VCR in the living room, pressed play on the remote and quickly got undressed and sat on the couch. I watched Ken come in and get undressed. Tracy was already nude. She must have taken her clothes off before he arrived and met him at the door like that. The first thing she did is position Ken so that the camera got a good view of her sucking his cock. As she did, she told Ken how much she liked his cock, and how good it felt inside of her.

I loved every minute of it. I started stroking my cock as I watched. The action progressed and Tracy did an excellent job of making sure that all the action was in full view of the camera. Tracy mounted Ken with her back to the camera so that I got a great view of his thick cock pushing it’s way into her pussy.

One of the things that I noticed was that Tracy’s pussy was very wet. So wet that her juices were smeared all over the outside of her pussy. I remember thinking to myself “does a big cock turn her on that much?” I knew the answer, but I was afraid to think about it.

I liked what I saw so much that I started stroking my cock faster. I watched her ride Ken for a long time and then Ken wanted to change positions. He got on top of her and started out by sliding his fat cock slowly into Tracy’s soaking wet pussy and then pulling it almost all of the way out again. He repeated this over and over again while Tracy moaned loudly with delight. His pace slowly got faster and I watched with amazement as Tracy had a series of several powerful orgasms over the period of about thirty minutes. I never saw her cum so much in all the time we were together.

I couldn’t believe it. I was watching my wife fuck another man enjoying it. I couldn’t stop watching and was getting more and more turned as I watched him cum inside of her pussy. I shot my load as he got on top of her and started fucking her doggy style . I continued stroking my cock as she started to orgasm again and again.

After it was over Ken dressed and left. Tracy stayed on the bed and spread her legs for the camera to see. She started fingering her pussy and talking to me through the camera.

Well dear, I hope you enjoyed this, I sure did. Look at how much cum he left in me.”

Her pussy hole was open and Ken’s thick cum was ever so slowly oozing out of her. I was very turned on by the sight.

I remember thinking to myself “man my wife is so naughty”.

“I was thinking about it”, she continued as she fingered her pussy for the camera.

“I was thinking about all the cum Ken leaves in me, and as deep as his cock is in me when he cums, there is a strong chance he might get me pregnant. If it was a boy, I bet he would be hung like his father. We could just say he took after you. What do you think?”

Tracy continued fingering herself and grew more and more excited as she spoke.

“I really could get pregnant with all the cum he has pumped so deep into me. You wouldn’t mind it so much, would you?”

I stopped stroking my cock and watched as I shot my second load.

Tracy finished the tape by saying,

“I guess you should be careful what you ask for sweetheart, you might just get it, and a little bit more”.

A few of months later, I noticed Tracy’s belly was starting to swell...

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