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Gorgeous girl submits to get a job.

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Chloe had a sense of trepidation about today's interview at Booth's, a well known but infamously private publishing house in London. She knew they were a good firm, but the job description was vague and she hadn't prepared.

The recruitment officer had contacted her anonymously, and had told her that she had been headhunted specifically by the MD of the company. The guy had said that she was the first person he'd ever known to even be invited to an interview. Chloe was pleased, and intrigued about this company. With a PA starting salary of £100k a year, plus bonuses, it was four times her current meagre wage -- she knew it had to be worth going for.

She dressed sharply, adorning her lean figure in a tight pencil skirt that hugged her ass and thighs perfectly. It had a fairly generous slit from her knee upwards that displayed her toned thigh when she moved. Obviously, the key to feeling good is wearing good underwear, so she slipped on silky black French knickers and a matching balconnette bra that pushed her breasts upwards into two beautiful mounds. Her long legs were modestly almost covered in sheer stockings, held up by suspenders.

On top, she covered up with a bright white shirt, leaving a few buttons undone so her gorgeous cleavage could be seen. Hell, it didn't hurt to be sexy at an interview, knowing her interviewer was very likely to be a man -- Booths was notorious for having a male-only employee base. Until now, she thought, hopefully.

She used a smart belt to enhance her tiny waist, and completed her outfit with some new shoes -- 4" spiked heel stilettos. The look was professional, but sexy -- all of her curves shown off to just the right effect.

Booth's had sent a car to pick her up, and Chloe was impressed as the elegant Bentley swung round in front of her house. Already off to a good start, she thought.

After a short journey, she was dropped off outside the huge gates of the imposing ten storey office block. A security guard checked her interview request letter, then her picture, and then phoned up to Booth's for confirmation. Chloe wondered if these guys were secretly dealing arms, given the hassle it took for anyone to get inside the building.

Finally, the gates were open and she strutted across the grounds to get to the building. The reception desk was at the far end of a grand square hallway, flanked with expensive looking sculptures, and of course, four more security guards. Weirdly, there was even a man on reception -- usually most firms hired someone just like Chloe (i.e. pretty) to do that kind of stuff. He asked her more security questions -- this was as bad as Customs.

Fifteen minutes later, she was finally allowed to go up. The interview was to be held in the private office of the MD on the top floor of the building, and one of the security guards escorted her to the lift. "Good luck miss," he said "I'm sure you'll do well." Chloe smiled, as the lift doors closed smoothly.

Up on the tenth floor, she was greeted by John, Mr Hitchin's assistant. "Welcome to Booths," he said "Please follow me."

She walked behind John along a corridor with displays of wealth all around. Glamorous paintings, wood panelling and a carpet so thick it made Chloe want to sink her bare feet into it.

John knocked gently on the heavy door to what was the office, and pushed it open gently. Inside, behind an enormous mahogany desk sat Mr Hitchin himself. He stood up as Chloe entered the room. "Thank you John," he said "I'll take it from here".

Hitchin was well groomed, Chloe thought. Mid forties maybe, dark hair, good teeth and a large, imposing frame. She could see why poor, weedy looking John looked intimidated.

She took a seat on the other side of the desk, as he poured her, oddly, not tea or coffee, but a glass of champagne.

"We like to do things our way at Booths," he said as he handed it to her "Do you mind?"

"No sir," Chloe responded "At least I won't have to worry about nerves."

He smiled at her, and she noticed his eyes lingering on her full breasts spilling out of her shirt.

"Well, Chloe, now I don't believe in stupid interview questions -- I'd prefer to see you in action" he said, smiling. "So the first part of this interview will be dictation. Open up the laptop just there and we'll get started."

She did as he said, and opened up the small laptop (personalised with Booths' logo) as he began to read from a small book he held out in front of him. She typed quickly, her delicate, French manicured fingers moving rapidly across the keyboard.

"Ok, that's enough" he said after ten minutes. "If you could just hand me what you've done as is, and I'll just check for any mistakes."

He took the computer from her and she saw him read what she had typed, and began to get nervous as he frowned every now and again, no doubt noticing a few spelling errors. This was pretty unfair, she thought -- she'd normally be able to spell check something!

"Chloe, there are a few errors that I'd like to go over with you," he said, looking serious "Could you come round to this side of the desk please?"

As she stood up, she noticed him looking at her cleavage again. She walked round to him and rested one hand on his desk to look at the small screen of the laptop. He pointed at the first paragraph, highlighting a spelling error.

"Chloe, this is pretty basic stuff. But I appreciate that you didn't get a chance to check it before you gave it to me. Have a look at the rest of the document and see if you can get rid of the other mistakes just now."

She began to read the document more closely, and carefully began to edit the various errors that were littered throughout.

"I wouldn't worry too much about all of this, you know," he said "because there are going to be some other pretty important aspects to your role." As he said this, she felt him place his hand on her bottom, stroking her curves over her tight fitting skirt.

She felt surprised, yet she knew deep down this job offer had to have come with strings attached. No other PA job with her level of experience would ever have paid £100k with, and she recalled reading "a generous bonus structure".

"I'm willing to take on additional duties, sir" Chloe said, still pretending to read the document. Hitchin's hand slid down and began to move up under her skirt. The skirt was tight, and his hand could only get so far up her. He moved his chair back a little, allowing space in between him and the desk.

"Stand in front of me, please." He ordered, and she did as she was told, moving across and standing upright, facing away from him.

He pushed her skirt up higher, and then more, revealing her suspenders, and then up until her knickers were exposed to him. His hand traced a path up the inside of her smooth thigh almost to the top, and then pulled away.

"I'd like you to turn around and take off your shirt and the skirt please." He barked.

Chloe turned around to face him, and slowly began to unbutton her shirt, and as she did so her magnificent tits became fully in view for him. He smiled as he gazed at her taut body in the silky, provocative underwear she was wearing, taking in the suspenders and the high heels as well.

"Now remove the bra and your panties."

Chloe knew this job had to be worth it. One shag and she'd have the job, and he was pretty attractive. She unclasped the buckle of her bra and unleashed her perfect tits, and as they were exposed to the air her nipples tightened into small pink buds. She stepped out of her panties and stood in her stockings and heels in front of him.

He reached forwards and stroked the outline of her breasts, and then tweaked her pert nipples quite roughly. She saw he was hard through his trousers already, and he looked big.

"Turn around and lean over the desk please" he said, "and open your legs."

Chloe did as instructed and felt her pussy open. She felt hot from being told what to do, having little control over her actions. He was domineering and powerful, and she didn't feel she could do otherwise.

He stroked her inside thigh again, and this time he reached the top of her thigh and cupped her pussy.

"You're a good girl," he said, leaning over her "having a nice shaven pussy -- we like it like that here."

She felt herself get wet as he began to touch her , finding her clit and circling his fingers around it first gently, and then harder.

"You are not allowed to cum until I say so, Chloe" he stated. She gasped, as despite this he continued to work her clit, and she felt her pussy become more and more wet.

He moved his hands and slowly pushed two fingers inside her pussy and then began to fill her with his fingers, inserting a third and thrusting them inside her repeatedly. She groaned, and he grabbed the back of her hair. "I told you, Chloe -- you are not to cum until I say so -- quiet!"

She silenced herself, and he carried on as he was before, pushing yet another finger up inside her. She felt so engrossed in what he was doing, and she began to enjoy him using her as he wanted. He removed his hands, and she heard him stand up from his huge leather chair and heard his zipper moving down, and a very soft thud as his trouser belt hit the floor.

He moved behind her and gave her a sharp slap on her ass. "Now I'm going to fuck you properly, Chloe, and you are going to every fucking second of it." As he said that, he rammed his cock inside her pussy, and pushed himself deep inside her, and she felt her tight pussy stretched as his huge cock took her fully.

He began to fuck her hard, thrusting himself up sharply and filling her and she felt waves of excitement as she gave in to him. He pulled her hips even closer to take her deeply and she moaned with pleasure. As she did that, he held one hand over her mouth.

"I told you -- not until I say so". He held one hand over her mouth and continued to fuck her, and slapped her hard on her ass as punishment.

His fat, long cock pushed in and out of her wetness for what felt like about an hour, and she had to bring herself back from the brink several times to make sure she didn't cum.

"Ok, Chloe, I'm ready, and so are you, so when I say cum, you can" he barked, and he increased the speed of his thrusting, faster and faster, and as he did so, he grabbed the back of her hair again, pulling her head back, and carried on fucking her. He moved close to her ear and whispered "cum" and he held her head as he pushed himself sharply into her.

Chloe let herself go, feeling waves of orgasm and she moaned loudly "fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, harder, ohhhhhhh!" She screamed as he pushed into her hard and she came, as he did, and he held her down as he thrust into her for the last time, and his body fell onto hers, pinning her down.

He whispered into her ear as she felt her pussy tighten and relax with waves of orgasm, around his cock still inside of her "The job is yours, Chloe."

She dressed in front of him, smiling at having had such an enjoyable job interview.

"Well, you can start on Monday, Chloe." Hitchin said, smiling.

"Great, thanks Mr Hitchin, thank you, for everything." Chloe responded. She picked up her bag, and turned to leave his office.

"Oh, and Chloe," Hitchin said "today wasn't just a one off, you know. I'll require you to carry out ALL of my instructions as of Monday. "

Chloe smiled, thinking, being fucked like that wouldn't be a bad thing. "Of course sir, is there anything you would like me to do on Monday in particular?"

"Well," he said, smiling "My first instruction is that you do not wear any underwear...."

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